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Cute Monster Valentine Box

Cute Monster Valentine Box

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Cute Monster Valentine Box

Cute Monster Valentine Box

My nine-year-old daughter made this darling Valentine’s Day box all by herself!

I was so impressed I asked her if I could put it on my blog and she said, “Yes!” She loves to be featured on my blog which I think is so endearing.

Anyway, because I have a lot of crafting experience when it comes to school projects, I usually tell my children they are on their own. I don’t want to be the “creator” or earn their grade, I want them to create and earn their grade. I’m hoping if I start now, they’ll continue creating and taking ownership of their projects for life. 

Cute Monster Valentine Box

So, Aurora came up with this Cute Monster Valentine Box on her own and I was so proud of her.

I told her that I LOVED it and I couldn’t have done better had I tried.

How to Make this Cute Monster Valentine Box

Continue reading and/or watch the video on this page.

We did not film the first part of Aurora making this box however she does list all of the steps in the video. We did film then end steps and those are in the video. The video shows how cute the pipe cleaners are for the antenna and how they kind of bounce around so I’d recommend giving it a watch. 

1- Paint a shoe-sized box pink.

2- Cut a hole for the valentines to go into. Make it large so you can add teeth and still fit the Valentine’s in it.

Cute Monster Valentine Box

3- Hot glue ribbons flowing down the front of the box. You want to do this first so the other ribbons cover the edge. Aurora used four different ribbons for this and put them in a pattern.

4- Hot glue ribbons in a vertical pattern along the front of the box. Aurora used two different ribbons for the front of the box.

Cute Monster Valentine Box

5- Add a border of ribbons around the cut out hole and along the bottom edge of the box to make it look a bit cleaner.


6- Using white printer paper and a black sharpie draw, color and cut out eyes, eyelashes, and a little blurb that says, ‘Feed Me.’


Hot glue those onto the box.

Cute Monster Valentine Box

7- Add heart stickers all around and inside and outside of the box.


8- Using white styrofoam sheets (or just paper if you don’t have any), draw/trace and cut out 2 front teeth for the top and bottom and glue those into the mouth.

Cute Monster Valentine Box

9- Attach white pipe cleaners to the top of the box and attach white pipe cleaner hearts on the ends so that it looks like heart antenna. Then wrap silver pipe cleaners around the white pipe cleaners to add a bit of shimmer.

Cute Monster Valentine Box

That’s it.

Didn’t she do great?!?

I love that this craft only takes a few supplies, many are inexpensive and all should be easy to find at a grocery store, craft store, and/or the Dollar Tree.

Supply List and Cost for this Cute Monster Valentine Box

shoe box or similar size box

pink acrylic paint

paper plate

foam brush

heart stickers (optional)

ribbon in a variety of pinks and pink patterns (Some of my ribbon came from Dollar Tree)

hot glue gun and sticks (Aurora said she went through 2-3 sticks)

printer paper

optional- foam board (white)


black sharpie marker

Pipe cleaners (white x 4, silver x2)

Cute Monster Valentine Box

Thanks for sharing your talent with us Aurora.

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Cute Monster Valentine Box



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