17 Darling, Practical, & Custom Handmade Baby Gifts

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There are so many fun ways to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a baby. Making custom gifts is one of them. Here are 17 great homemade baby items/gifts to show your excitement for a new baby.

Further, many of these are less expensive than buying store bought presents (which saves you money). I know quite a few people who make multiple handmade baby gifts in blue, pink, or neutral colors all at the same time so they have many gifts ready for when the occasion arrises–which is very efficient.

soft block tutorial

1. Baby Soft Block with Ribbon - These blocks are pretty easy to make—and adorable!


2. Handmade Baby Beanie- Free patterns for sizes premie and up. I love to crochet beanies and customize them!


3. Feather Baby Mobile - Making this darling mobile is both easy and inexpensive... and it does its job. It entertains my baby for each diaper change.

Krinkle Toys

4. Krinkle Toys - Cute, entertaining and useful.


5. Jellyfish Toys - The crunchiness of this jellyfish is due to a bit of cellophane inside so when baby scrunches the toy it makes a great crackling sound to stimulate his/her senses.


6. Crib or Toddler Blanket - It doesn’t take very much skill (just knowledge of how to sew in a straight line) to make this custom blanket for a baby you are celebrating.


7. Toy Bag and Playmat- Babies are usually stuck playing in one area for months. Having a clean and ready area that the baby can play on which doubles as toy storage is something any mom would appreciate!

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 11.22.34 AM

8. DIY Diaper Changing Pad - Stylish, practical and cute. Soon-to-be new mothers will adore this.


9. Cupcake Onesies Gift Idea - This Onesie Cupcake Baby Shower Gift is so easy to make, and has that “cute factor” that everyone loves at baby showers!


10. Travel Change and Play Mat - The entire mat is completely machine washable to make for a nice clean playtime & diaper change.


11. Tilly and Tommy Elephant Softies - Make sweet elephant softies in a snap that will delight your little (and not so little) ones. Baby won't be able to resist those big floppy ears, embroidered eyes or cute knotted tail.


13. The Bapron! aka the “Baby Apron” - This bib is really cool! It provides a ton of coverage in the front, much like an adult apron, and ties in back with bias tape!


14. Flannel Receiving Blanket - When it comes to gifts for babies, we love to give items that are practical. You can never have too many flannel baby blankets. Make an easy baby blanket by binding the flannel with a coordinating quilting cotton. They are a great baby gift to have on hand.

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15. Bow and Headband Holder - Cute hair accessory holder, I plan on making one for my daughter!


16. BareFoot Sandals for Babies- These are just adorable! Both of my babies would never keep their shoes on. They'd kick at them till they fell off. This is a great way for them to have a barefoot feel and yet still be stylin.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 11.19.23 AM

17. Car Seat Cover- This is one of the cutest I've seen. Great idea, useful, and super cute!

I hope this round up of darling, practical, custom handmade baby gifts has given you some great ideas.


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