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How You Can Use Your 401K to Start a Business (Tax-Penalty Free)

How You Can Use Your 401K to Start a Business (Tax-Penalty Free)

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 How You Can Use Your 401K to Start a Business (Tax-Penalty Free)

I am a business woman at heart. I come from a long line of entrepreneurs. As a result, I am constantly thinking of businesses that may be helpful to the economy, community, or my family.

Having started 4 businesses myself, I know the value in starting a successful or even a somewhat-profitable-business. A business does not have to be wildly successful in order to benefit those involved.

There are many benefits from starting your own business. Some include but are not limited to: income generation, flexibility of working for oneself, actualizing a dream, tax write-offs, increased knowledge and skills, return on investment, helping the economy, and more.

Recently, a friend and I were discussing a few business ideas I have had over the years. The few that I am serious about starting would require money upfront—as most businesses do.

Sometimes getting a business loan can be a time-consuming headache full of hoops and red tape. Just thinking about getting funding makes me want to think twice about starting another business.

For most, money and time are often the inhibiting factors to realizing entrepreneurial dreams. I recently learned about a company that helps get businesses started called Guidant Financial.

The main way they help budding entrepreneurs is they withdraw their 401K rollable funds in a tax-penalty-free manner so that they can finance their own businesses.  To start a business with Debt Free Financing would be an awesome way to begin. You wouldn’t have your home equity or other collateral on the line. You also wouldn’t have to worry about loan interest, your overhead would be lower, and overall stress would be down.

When I saw Guidant Financial’s 401K Business Financing product in which you can rollover your 401K funds and withdraw them tax-penalty free to fund a business, I was excited. This is an option for people with $50,000 or more in a 401K or other similar pretax asset vehicles such as 403(b), TSP, SEP, Keogh, Traditional IRA, 457, Pensions.

How You Can Use Your 401K to Start a Business (Tax-Penalty Free)

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Instead of having your retirement money at-risk in the stock market, you have control to grow it exponentially by using it to start or buy your own business. You invest in yourself instead of your money being tied up for centuries in the stock market.

This is an amazing opportunity for people out there to pursue. Many people have a 401K. Once there are enough funds in it, you could consider using it to start one of the businesses we’ve been discussing.

Thousands have utilized this product. Guidant Financial has helped over 14,000 entrepreneurs with Small Business Financing. This tried-and-true structure is a fast, legal funding option that’s been in use since the Employee Retirement Income Security Act became a law in 1974.

Check out a few stories of real people who have used Guidant Financial to start their businesses from their 401ks.

John Rueber got laid off and was able to use his 401K to open a very successful Southern Food restaurant in his hometown in Connecticut.

The Mayhew family was able to get out of the 9-5 grind and start their own beach house remodeling company.

You can watch many more videos of real life success stories on the Guidant Financial YouTube channel. These people were able to get started in their businesses with the help of Guidiant Financial.

Guidant Financial can help you get started realizing your entrepreneurial dreams.

401(k) Business Financing

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How You Can Use Your 401K to Start a Business (Tax-Penalty Free)


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