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Kids’ Birthday Party Candy Bar

Kids’ Birthday Party Candy Bar

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Kids’ Birthday Party Candy Bar

This kids’ birthday party candy bar was not only beautiful and fun, it served triple duty at my daughter’s party.

Kid's Birthday Party Candy Bar

It made a great decoration, provided a yummy treat, and we let the girls take candy home for a favor in their party favor boxes.

Kid's Birthday Party Candy Bar

My daughter and I put together this Candy Panda Birthday Party and for the main decoration and food, we made a pastel-colored candy bar.

It was well liked by all 14 girls who attended.

We got a lot of compliments on it.

Plus, we’ve saved the extra candy and have used it for other things like this Valentine’s Day Treat Tray.

The candy bar was very easy to assemble. If you are planning a child’s birthday party, don’t miss these tips on how to throw a themed kids party inexpensively.

Although it was simple to assemble, it did take many hours of shopping to find the candies that matched the color scheme. I link to the supplies we used in the supply list. 

Kid's Birthday Party Candy Bar

Having a list to work from should help cut down the time it may take you to make something similar.

You can see the candy bar close up in the video on this page.

How to Make this Kids’ Birthday Candy Bar

1- Set up two 6ft tables and put them together lengthwise so you have a 12 ft table.

2- Put white table cloths on top (we ironed ours to make them look nice).

3- Cut apart plastic fringe curtains. I had some left over form this  Mermaid party. I loved that the fringe was an inexpensive and simple way to add dimension and interest to the table. 

4- We shopped for pastel-colored candies in the colors of pink, purple, yellow, blue, teal, and white. Continue reading for the exact candy we used.

5- Fill candy dishes, honey bear containers (I reused these from my son’s woodland birthday party), large and medium-sized vases, and other jars with candy. 

I bought these awesome jars for my daughter’s Encanto party and was able to reuse them for this party as well. 

6- We used cotton candy and waffle cones in clear cups to make cotton candy ice cream cones.

To make these ice cream cones, I bought this cotton candy in pastel mini packs.

Kid’s Birthday Party Candy Bar

Then, using packaging tape, my daughter and I bunched them up (they are individually wrapped and we kept them closed so that they wouldn’t melt/condense before the party) and we taped them into an ice cream scoop shape.

Kid's Birthday Party Candy Bar

We then set them on top of waffle cones in clear plastic cups.

The ice cream cones matched the Panda eating ice cream on Aurora’s birthday invitation.

7- We put some Original Gourmet Lollipops and other candy in mason jars.

9- We filled up small candy dishes with marshmallows

strawberry rings and other types of candy.

10- We made this Panda Candy chocolate cake and set that in the middle.

11- Then we set out panda figurines and panda straws in the candy dishes and around the candy bar.

12- Finally, we blew up balloons and hung a balloon arch.

I go into detail on how we hung these balloon arches and sparkle curtains on this Panda Candy Birthday Party Post.

It may be kind of hard to see in the photographs but my daughter and I mirrored what was on one side of the table with what was on the other side.

This way we didn’t have to buy so many varieties of candy and yet the tables were still full, symmetrical, and colorful.

Supply List 

2 six foot folding tables

2 large white table cloths, ironed and hanging down over the edge to the floor for a nice clean look

Pink plastic/glitter fringe curtains cut up so the fringe lengths can be sprinkled all over the table. I cut the fringe lengths in 1/3rds so there was plenty to sprinkle around the dessert table and the kids tables as well.

Tall Clear Vases (borrow from family or neighbors if needed)- The largest vase and the cake should be set in the middle of the table for the centerpiece/focal point.

We filled the largest vase with pastel-colored marshmallows—most of which came from Dollar Tree.

The two vases on both ends of the table were filled with original classic Double Bubble bubble gum.

We also used medium-height vases and mason jars to hold gum balls, butterscotch candies,

Hi-Chews in pastel wrapping

Starbursts, pink

Smarties giant 4″  mixed with regular-sized Smarties as well.

large jars with lids

honey bear containers

mason jars, a variety of sizes

panda figurines

panda straws

clear cups

waffle cones

individually wrapped pastel cotton candy packs taped to look like ice cream scoops set in the waffle cones and set in the clear cups

Jelly Belly‘s in pastel colors

Sour Patch Kids watermelon

Kid's Birthday Party Candy Bar

candy dishes (I bought a bunch of these from Dollar Tree back when everything was a dollar.

Mike N’ Ikes berry blast

Salt Water Taffy in pastel colors (I bought from Taffy Town)

Pocky- Strawberry

Nerds clusters very berry

Hilco Pink and Blue Chocolate Delights

Strawberry rings candy

Heart gummy candies from Ikea

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Kid's Birthday Party Candy Bar

Using these tips and supplies it is easy to put together this Kids’ Birthday Party Candy Bar.

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Kid's Birthday Party Candy Bar


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