Christmas Tree Ornament Guide

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Ornament Guide:

For the first 8 feet of a Christmas tree, each foot needs at least 12 medium/standard sized ornaments per foot totaling:

2 foot= 24 ornaments

3 foot= 36 ornaments.

4 foot= 48 ornaments.

5 foot= 60 ornaments.

6 foot= 72 ornaments.

7 foot= 84 ornaments.

8 foot= 96 ornaments.

As the tree grows in height the base grows in width so…

christmas tree2

For 9 and 10 ft. trees you need to add 18 ornaments for each of the bottom feet

9 foot=18+96=114 ornaments.

10 foot= 18+ 114=132 ornaments.

For 11 and 12’ trees add 24 ornaments for each of the bottom feet

11 foot=24+132=156 ornaments.

12 foot= 24+156=180 ornaments.

…and for each additional foot after 12’ add 30 ornaments each.

Important note- If you are mixing sizes of ornaments and using a lot of tiny, small, medium, large, and huge ornaments, these numbers will go up or down based on the sizes of ornament.

You should only use 1 huge ornament per foot or per 2 feet of tree.

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