How to Make a Reusable Party Banner

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My neighbor Kim is super crafty and taught me how to make a reusable party banner so I want to share it with you.

First, cut out the shape of the banner pendants in the fabric using scissors. Make sure to leave about 1 inch at the top for a fold over that the rope will go through. Keep them the same size for continuity.

If you don’t want to measure each one out, cut one out and use it as a guide. Place it on top of the other fabric and cut around it. This will ensure that you have the same size for each banner pendant.

Next, you can cut another fabric to layer it as shown on the banners below.


You technically could make a banner 3 different banners in one. The first would be the layered style with a banner pendant and a layer on top like the black with the navy blue and the yellow with burlap. The second would be folding the top pendant layer over (folding the burlap over or the black pendants over) and pinning them on the backside of the banner. This allows you to use a different color for example just using the navy blue (as I’m doing with this banner). The third way would be to sew a different color on the back of the main fabric and use the back side as a different color as well. 


In this photo, I just folded the black over and pinned the top layer to the back.


If you know you want to sew a different color on the other side (making it a two sided banner) cut out the fabric carefully and make sure it fits. This would work really well if you have a couple of parties coming up. You can make one side the color for the one party and the other side a different color of material for the other.

After you have the design on you want and the fabric cut out, fold the tops of the banner pieces over. About one inch of fabric is used to fold over and sew a place for the rope to go into. Sew it with a sewing machine in a straight line. Do this for all of the pieces.

Feed a rope through each piece and tie a loop at the ends of the rope. You can also tie a loop in the middle of the banner if you want it to hang in two swoops.


If desired, use ribbon to keep the banner pieces separated to the space you prefer.


Finally, make the banner letters and/or designs with a Silhouette Cameo (which we are giving away below) by printing them out onto vinyl label sheets.


Iron the banner if it needs it and allow it to cool.


Peel the vinyl letters off the sheet and place them on the banner pendants very firmly and securely.


Tip: By choosing a fairly neutral color of fabric, you can change the color of the vinyl to match the party. This would increase the likely hood of your being able to reuse it for future upcoming parties as well!

So far this navy banner has been reused 3 times this year for 3 different parties!


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How to Make a Reusable Party Banner
How to Make a Reusable Party Banner