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Mermaid Under the Sea Party Activities

Mermaid Under the Sea Party Activities

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My daughter had many fun Mermaid Under the Sea Party Activities at her fourth birthday party.

I wanted to share them here on my blog in case you may be looking for activities for a mermaid, pirate, or under the sea-themed party.

Mermaid Under the Sea Party Activities—kids

My daughter’s birthday is in November. We live in a cold climate so my husband helped me remove our couch/sectional and side tables. This took a little bit of time and effort but it was well worth it so that the kids had room to play. 


Snacking while The Little Mermaid played on the TV

First, as everyone arrived and got settled, the kids got to snack off of the banquet table. 

food for Mermaid Under the Sea Party

I had The Little Mermaid playing on the TV until most of our guests were there.

The food I served is detailed here: Mermaid Under the Sea Party Food.

Beach Ball Parachute Game

The first activity we played was a beach ball parachute game. 

Beach ball parachute game under the sea party

I got a king sheet (blue for the ‘water’) and 3 beach balls. I ordered them here on Amazon

beach ball mermaid party game

The kids all held the sheet and the goal was to move the sheet up and down like waves and yet keep the beach balls on the sheet.

fun under the sea pirate party game

Some of the mermaids decided to take a swim under the ‘water’/sheet.

mermaid party games

This was a blast. The kids were entertained for quite a while.

Bubble Popping

Next, we got out the bubble machine (also found on Amazon).

bubble popping under the sea party game

The kids tried to pop as many bubbles as they could.

mermaid party activities bubble popping

They also loved this game. It was a big hit.

pirate, mermaid, under the sea party activities and games

My only advice would be to have towels ready if you have wood or tile floors so those bubbles that get missed don’t cause the kids to slip and fall.

Water Color Painting

We set up some tables and chairs with plastic tablecloths and cups of water.

Note- It helped to have a Mermaid table (pink tablecloth) and a Pirate table (blue tablecloth).

water color painting mermaids

I got lucky when I found mermaid watercolor sets and fish watercolor sets for only $1.00 each at Dollar Tree.

water color activity for under the sea party

The girls loved to paint the watercolors.

I wasn’t sure how the boys would like this activity…

water coloring pirates party activities

I was happy to see that they really liked it too.

Coral Reef Building

Next, the kids were instructed to make coral reefs.

coral reef play dough activity for under the sea party

They each got a small individual play dough, here is a recipe for excellent soft play dough, pipe cleaners cut in half, and beads (Dollar Tree).

mermaid party games and activities coral reef building

All of the kids found it easy (ages ranged from 3-7 at this party).

coral reef activity under the sea party

They loved using their skills to stick the pipe cleaners in the play dough and string them with beads.

activities for under the sea mermaid party

and it took some time as well (a great thing when you are trying to fill a few-hour party). 

Sand Art

I always like to have a backup activity in case I need to fill some time. In the summer this wouldn’t be a big deal, kids could just run outside and play, but I have 2 winter birthdays so gauging how much time each activity is hard to do.

I always plan one activity that I could take or leave. This one was Sand Art. We had filled enough time with the first few activities that I did forgo this, but here are a few kits you could try if you decided to do this.

I just returned my kit because I didn’t use it.

Mermaid Cake, Cupcakes, and Coral Ice Cream

After we cleaned up the crafts, my daughter blew out the candle on the Mermaid cake I made her.

Mermaid cake

We passed out mermaid coral cupcakes. (Toppers and wraps here).

mermaid coral reef cupcakes

The kids who wanted it (everyone) also had coral (play dough flavored) ice cream.

coral reef play dough ice cream under the sea party

I show how I made the mermaid cake and coral cupcakes in this tutorial.

cake and ice cream

Freeze Dancing/Swimming to Under the Sea

After dessert, the kids got to play freeze dancing/swimming to the song “Under the Sea”.

freeze dancing swimming under the sea party

This was a fun time to get their wiggles out while the adults cleaned up a little.

mermaid under the sea freeze dancing

Opening Presents

My daughter opened her presents. My favorite she received was this Mermaid Tale blanket from her friend Castle.

opening presents

Party Favors

In the beginning, I passed out the mermaid necklaces and pirate outfits for the boys.

At the end of the party, they got a little goodie bag with these darling bracelets.

mermaid necklaces mermaid bracelets

These sequin bracelets and the mermaid necklaces were most loved by the girls. mermaid bracelets

The boys got pirate outfits Pirate vests (Dollar Tree) shark slap bracelets (Walmart).

Pirate outfits

It was a super fun party full of Mermaid Under the Sea Party Activities which unbelievably all 15 kids enjoyed. 

I hope this helps if you are planning a party like this as well.

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Mermaid Under the Sea Party Activities



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