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St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Hoop Wreath

St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Hoop Wreath

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St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Hoop Wreath.

This was a fun wreath to put together. I really like the way it turned out.

It was quite easy and inexpensive to make. It only took me about 30 minutes to put together and it didn’t cost anything out of pocket.

Supplies for this St. Patrick’s Day Hoop Rainbow Wreath

19″ hoop wreath ring gold

3 different types of rainbow yarn (Lion Heart Homespun wavy yarn)

hot glue gun and glue sticks

3-4 large indoor snowballs

20 pennys

Cricut holographic sparkle gold vinyl or iron on (I hot glued it)

floral wire

How to Make this St. Patrick’s Day Hoop Rainbow Wreath

Watch the video on this page and/or continue reading.

Gather three different colors of rainbow yarn that you think look good together. 

Pull the three yarn strands out together until it forms into a yarn ball about the size of an adult fist (this should be enough to make the rainbow on a 19″ hoop ring with some to spare).

I did this so that I didn’t have to thread the three bundles of yarn through the loops over and over.

Form a sort of loop and wrap it under the hoop and through the loop, pull tight, do this again and again until you are about 3/4 the way around the hoop.

Once you have formed a rainbow tie off the ends leaving plenty of yarn to hang down.

Using the extra yarn you have left over loop the yarn 3 times which leaves 9 strands to hang down about 3-4 feet on the one side and 6-10 inches on the other side.

Make the knots on either end (you will glue the cloud/indoor snowball on to it).

Hot glue the ends of the yarn onto the hoop wreath in a place that looks nice to you (to form a rainbow).

Cut a slit into two indoor snowballs and glue one onto the end of each side of the rainbow. 

Cut another indoor snowball in half and pull it out to create a longer cloud and hot glue it on to the bottom of the indoor snowball.

Hot glue holographic glitter Cricut vinyl to the pennies. Once cooled, cut around the penny and glue them on to the cloud. 

Glue the same amount of pennies minus three or so to the back of the other cloud this is to balance the wreath (if you left the yarn hanging long on the one side it will account for the additional weight).

Glue fluff to the pennies that are on the backside of the rainbow so they don’t scratch the paint on your door or make annoying knocking sounds if it gets windy. 

You may want to use floral wire to attach the wreath hoop to a wreath hanger to make sure it remains secure.

That’s it, the wreath is finished.

I love this St. Patrick’s Day Hoop Rainbow Wreath. 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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St. Patrick's Day Hoop Rainbow Wreath


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