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St. Patrick’s Day Front Door Decor

St. Patrick’s Day Front Door Decor

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St. Patrick’s Day Front Door Decor.

This is how I decorated our front door for St. Patrick’s Day this year. 

My goal was to keep it somewhat simple and go with a theme. 

I love the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow theme. It seems mystical and cute to me. So, I went with that.

First, I made this coir door mat. A tutorial/video is located here.

It is a lot of color and honestly, not the subtle but cute vibe I was hoping to go for. But I made it and it works with everything else. 

If I did it again, I’d probably omit the hat and just paint a rainbow and gold coins. With crafting, sometimes it is just hit or miss and sometimes creations turn out to be a bit of both.

Basically, crafting (thinking up original crafts) can be a shot in the dark.

This wreath was also, “a shot in the dark”, but I love the way it turned out!

I love the simplicity and cuteness factor.

I link to the tutorial (video and written) on how to make this easy wreath in the supply list below.

I like how there are gold coins at the rainbow’s end and that the hoop is the rainbow itself.

Supply List for this St. Patrick’s Day Front Door Decor

Rainbow Hoop Wreath

St. Patrick’s Day Doormat

hot glue gun and glue sticks

Cricut holographic sparkle gold vinyl or iron on (I hot glued it)

white rocks

copper planters or big vases/pots (I had these) filled with sand, floral foam, or rocks high enough that you can set the smaller boxes on top and see them.

eucalyptus stems faux

rectangle concrete boxes

wash cloth or poly fill or anything really to stuff the vinyl with and the bubble/arch

optional gold ribbon

optional industrial black doormat

I wanted something to go in my copper planters that tied in with the doormat and the wreath.

So, I decided to make little pots of gold.

I was going to go to a craft store and pick up a bunch of shamrock sprays and fake gold coins but looking online it seemed as if that could get pricey, so I just used what I had on hand.

I had the eucalyptus stems I had from previous floral arrangements I’ve made, such as these.

I had the rectangular pots that I used to decorate my office with (Walmart $10).

I also had the Cricut gold sparkle vinyl that I hot glued to them.

I placed one inside each of my copper planter pots. The pots of gold sit high enough to see them as the copper pots are almost filled to the top (they were filled with floral foam and sand since I did these fall front door decor arrangements).

I covered the sand with white rocks (Dollar Tree) for my Valentine’s Door decor this year.

So, the large planter pots were so full I could simply set these pots of gold in them and they were high enough to view from the sidewalk. 


Total this St. Patrick’s Day front door decor cost me $13.00 out of pocket. $9.00 for the coir doormat (Home Depot) and $4.00 for the 19″ hoop wreath (Michael’s) all the other supplies I had on hand.

How to put together the Gold Pots for this St. Patrick’s Day Front Door Decor scene…

Continue reading and/or watch the tutorial video located on this page.

Get rectangular pots and empty them of items if needed.

Cut vinyl to the inside dimension and hot glue the vinyl to the front inside edge of the pot.

Stuff the pot with a small towel or poly fill and trim the vinyl to go over the towel/poly fill and glue the opposite side down onto the other edge.

If desired stuff ends with gold ribbon.

Place into a planter pot and place faux eucalyptus or shamrock stems on the two sides and back of the pot. Strategically use the stems to cover the open ends of the vinyl.

That’s it.

Just add the doormat and wreath to these pots of gold planters and you’ll have the same St. Patrick’s Day front door decor.


Enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day!



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St. Patrick's Day Front Door Decor


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