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St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Doormat

St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Doormat

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St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Doormat with free file.

St. Patrick's Day rainbow doormat with free file

As mentioned in this St. Patrick’s Day door decor post, I wanted to go with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow theme.

So, I made this rainbow hoop wreath.

St. Patrick's Day wreath

and these planters.

St. Patrick's Day planters

I put a planter with a “pot of gold” in it on either side of the door.

St. Patrick's Day rainbow doormat

I made this rainbow coir doormat as well.

St. Patrick's Day family is our pot of gold

It was very easy to make but did take some time (about an hour plus hours of dry time).

You do need a few supplies but once you have the supplies you can make custom doormats any time you’d like very inexpensively.

You just have to buy the blank coir doormats which range from about $7-$12 (depending on the size and where you purchase them). 

I found blank coir mats at Hobby Lobby, Home Depot, and Lowes for competitive pricing.

I choose to get mine at Home Depot because I had a coupon and the reviews on the 18×30 Traffic Master Mat were really good. 

After reading many reviews on the Traffic Master mat, I found that for price and quality they seemed to be the best. They are normally $10 each but I had a coupon so I got the mat for $9.00.

Supply List to Make this St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Doormat


Cricut cutting mat ( I used a 12×18 but if you did the design in two you can use 12×12)

freezer paper

pins (sewing)

iron (clothing)

Digital download pot of gold free here


Digital download “Family is our Pot of Gold” free here


Or download the free font DK Tobu to your computer and type in the words “Family is our Pot of Gold” into your Cricut Design Space

Exterior/Outdoor acrylic craft paint. The exact brand I used is called Craft Smart.

chunky full bristle acrylic paint brushes  

thin bristle acrylic paint brushes 

Tape measure

paper plate for paint 

Krylon Clear Coating spray UV-resistant and moisture blocking

Home Depot seemed to carry the best mat (Traffic Master).

How to Make this St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Doormat

Easy to make St. Patrick's Day doormat

Continue reading and/or watch the video tutorial on this page.

Print this design so it can serve as a guide as you paint.

Upload the same file to your Cricut. If you are unfamiliar with how to do this, you can google it or select the following: New Project, Upload, Upload image, browse, select this file, click “complex” (it will give you 1 stencil vs 2 by selecting the other options), then click the white background (it will disappear), then click apply & continue. Select Cut Image and then add to the canvas. Drag it larger until each side is slightly less than 11.5″ (the largest you can cut on a 12×12.

Put freezer paper on your Cricut mat and smooth it out. Load it into the Cricut.

Click make it, choose heavy paper settings and “more” under pressure of the cut.

Then click the flashing C button to cut out the design out.

For the Family is Our Pot of Gold, you can do the aforementioned steps with this file this has the words, “Family is our Pot of Gold” or if you want to type this into Cricut to alter it or anything, you’ll need to download the free font DK Tobu to your computer (you download and click and install) then it should show up in your Cricut design space account. 

Peel away the outer edge (the stencil part of the design).

Turn on your clothing iron to the hottest setting and iron the freezer paper on to the mat (shiny side down).

Using sewing pins, secure the edges of the letters or anything that needs extra hold.

Shake the craft paint and pour onto a plate. 

Dip the brush into the paint (you want to use a lot of paint on these coir doormats so it can sink in)

paint the design (I added all the colors of the rainbow) Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet 

I painted the rest of the design, including the letters. I let the letters dry for 30 mins and then went over them again.

When finished painting, let the mat dry for four hours or so.

Outside spray the mat with clear coating and let that dry for a few hours as well.

That’s it!

St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Doormat

Making custom doormats can be very simple and inexpensive—especially after you have the supplies. The blank coir doormats typically cost less than $10 each and are easy to customize.

I hope you get to make a St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Doormat as well.


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St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Doormat with Free File.


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