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43 Modern and Simple St. Patrick’s Day Wreaths

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43 Modern and Simple St. Patrick’s Day Wreaths

St. Patrick’s Day is just a couple of days away and to celebrate, I’ve rounded up these 43 Modern and Simple St. Patrick’s Day Wreaths to give you ideas and inspiration on how you may want to decorate this March. These wreaths are simple, modern, and most have clean symmetry and aesthetically pleasing lines.

If you are still looking for a St. Patrick’s Day-craft-project some of the listed DIY wreaths might be a great project for you.

43 Modern and Simple St. Patrick’s Day Wreaths

1. St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Hoop Wreath – This was a fun wreath to put together. It was quite easy and inexpensive to make.

St. Patrick's Day Simple Rainbow Hoop Wreath

2. Split Pea Wreath – So simple, yet so beautiful and easy to make! 

Split Pea Wreath

3. Shamrock Front Door Wreath – Simple and stunning.

St.Patrick's Day Shamrock Front Door Wreath

4. A faux Magnolia wreath– is a beautiful simple and modern way to celebrate. St. Patty’s Day!

5. DIY Rainbow Pom Pom Wreath – Just a few steps and you can have your own beautiful wreath.

St. Patrick's Day Wreath

6. Lucky Shamrocks St. Patrick’s Day Wreath – This is such a pretty wreath.

Lucky St. Patrick's Day Wreath

7. Snowball Hydrangea Wreath– So simple and beautiful.

8. Greenery Irish Wreath – Such a beautiful, unique, and tasteful wreath for St. Patrick’s Day.

Shamrock Wreath Decor

9. St. Patrick’s Day Front Door Hanging Shamrock Wreath – This suncatcher is easy to hang in a sunny window for a beautiful display.

Shamrock Wreath

10. St. Patrick’s Day Fabric Wreath – This wreath is perfect for front door decor.

St. Patrick's Day Fabric Wreath

11. Shamrock Burlap Wreath – A simple Burlap Wreath in green.

St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Burlap

12. Fabric Shamrocks – So charming and fresh.

Fabric Shamrocks

13. Pom Pom Wreath – These are so easy, fun, colorful, and brighten up any home decor.

Pom Pom Wreath

14. Burlap Shamrock Wreath – This is great for St. Patrick’s Day front door decor.

Burlap Wreath

15. Pinkpum Eucalyptus Wreath– So simple and super cute.


16. Daisy Flower Eucalyptus Green Wreath– This decorative wreath has a bit of gold and yellow from the daises which gives it a St. Patrick’s Day feel.

17. Shamrock Wreath – Get shamrock fabric and pair it with some classic green for a fun DIY family project.

Shamrock Wreath

18. Modern St Patricks Day Decor – A mix of eucalyptus and lambs ear is just the right St. Patrick’s Day touch.

Modern St Patricks Day Decor

19. Faux Boxwood Wreath – This is incredibly easy to make.

Faux Boxwood Wreath

20. St Patricks Day Felt Wreaths – Bring the luck of the Irish to your holiday door.

St. Patrick's Day Felt Wreath

21. Berry St. Patrick’s Day Wreath – What a lovely wreath.

Berry St. Patrick's Day Wreath

22. Front Door Wreath Ribbons – So pretty and simple. My neighbor has something similar on her door and I love it! 

Front Door Wreath Ribbons

23. St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Sign– This is such a fun idea and different/unique as well.

24. Burlap Ruffle Wreath – This is the perfect way to greet all your guests and decorate.

Burlap Ruffle Wreath

25. Ruffle Wreath – This wreath is easy and inexpensive.

Ruffle wreath

26. Ribbon Wreath – This is very simple and would be a fun DIY project.

Ribbon Wreath

27. Felt Shamrocks Wreath – It is simple but beautiful and easy to make.

Felt Shamrocks Wreath

28. DIY Reversible St. Patrick’s Day Wreath – This wreath is a fun way to add some lucky shamrocks to your front door.

DIY Reversible St. Patrick's Day Wreath

29. Balls of Yarn – These are easy and fun to make.

St. Patrick's Day Yarn Wreath

30. Mesh Door Wreath – This wreath is made with green and white mesh and accented with coordinating ribbons.

Mesh Door Wreath

31. St. Patty Decor – This wreath is on a grapevine wreath, full of pip berries and artificial boxwood foliage.

St. Patty Decor

32. Rainbow Burlap Wreath – Make this cute wreath by following the linked-to tutorial.

33. Front Door Decor for St. Patrick’s Day – Beautiful welcome wooden sign wreath for front door decor.

Door Decor St. Patrick's Day Wreath

34. Door Wall Hanging Pom Pom Wreath – This pom pom wreath is a great addition to your door decor. The tassels add a cute focal point.

Door Wall Hanging Pom Pom Wreath

35. White and Green Peony wreath– So simplistically pretty.


36. Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Wreath – A very simple wreath to hang on your front door.

Lucky St. Patrick's Wreath

37. Boxwood Wreath – A boxwood wreath is the perfect wreath for any holiday. Dress it up or down, or leave it as is anyway you hang this, it makes great decoration—especially for St. Patrick’s Day.

Boxwood Wreath

38. Lucky Charms Wreath – Unique and simple great for a child’s door.

Lucky Charms Wreath

39. St Patrick’s Day Burlap Wreath – Beautiful wreath.

St. Patrick's Day Burlap Wreath

40. Boxwood Door Wreath – This is such a beautiful wreath for the front door.

Boxwood Door Wreath


41. Irish Decor Door Wreath – This wreath is great for door decor.

Irish Decor Door Wreath

42. Plaid St Patricks Day Wreath – The burlap bow compliments the green and tan plaid fabric.

Plaid St. Patrick's Day Wreath


43. Green Wreath Bow – Simple and beautiful.

Green Wreath Bow



I hope you enjoyed looking at these 43 Modern and Simple St. Patrick’s Day Wreaths as much as I did too!


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43 Modern and Simple St. Patrick's Day Wreath


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