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The Back To Basics Living Bundle—Save over $520!

The Back To Basics Living Bundle—Save over $520!

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The Back To Basics Living Bundle—Save over $500!


I’m so excited about The Back To Basics Living Bundle. It is a huge collection of eBooks, eCourses, and memberships to help you live a ‘richer’ life—all for an amazingly LOW price! The books are awesome and my sister’s and my own eBook, Living a Rich Life as a Stay-at-Home Mom, (which was highly endorsed by Dr. Laura and four other authors), is included as well!
The Back To Basics Living Bundle—Save over $500!

You’ll get over 60 eBooks, 10 eCourses, + bonuses on simplicity, frugal living, and doing things yourself.

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The thing is that when it’s over (January 25th) this bundle is gone forever! It might sound cliche, but this really is a deal that you can’t afford to pass up. Take a look at everything included, and I think you’ll agree…

Back To Basics Living Bundle Books:

Cooking From Scratch:


Homestead Cooking with Carol–Carol J. Alexander (Everything Home With Carol)

Whole Wheat Bread Making–Donna Miller (Millers Grain House)

Cooking with the Seasons: Winter Edition–Herbal Academy

Off the Shelf: Homemade Alternatives to the Condiments, Toppings, and Snacks You Love–Kris Bordessa (Attainable-Sustainable)

Bliss Balls for Beginners–Luschka Van Onselen (Keeper Of The Kitchen)

10 Minute Prep Freezer Meals–Shanti Landon (Life Made Full)

Oh Lardy’s Guide to Fermenting Fruits & Vegetables–Tamara Mannelly and Kelly Liston (Oh Lardy)

The Trayer Wilderness Cookbook ~ Homesteading The Traditional Way ~ Volume 1–Tammy Trayer (Trayer Wilderness)

The Hearty and Grounding 7 Day Winter Meal Plan–Tara Wagner (Sustainable Baby Steps)

Empowered Eating–Teri Page and Tatiana Abatemarco (Homestead-Honey)




From Dirt To Dollars: A Guide to Selling at Farmers’ Markets–Annie Coombe (Country Living in a Cariboo Valley)

Dehydrating Mini eCourse–Jennifer and Bill Osuch (Self Reliant School)

DIY Face Masks and Scrubs–Stacy Karen (A Delightful Home)


Frugal Living:


The Beginner’s Guide to Zero Waste Cooking: How to Make the Most Out of Nothing in the Kitchen–April Lewis (An Apple a Day Wisdom)

The Debit Card Envelope Budget–Dan Carpenter (The Daily Prep)

Six Dollar Family (From Six Dollars to Six Figures)–Stacy Barr (Six Dollar Family)

Note- My book is located in the Simple Living category below. It should be in this one—although technically it could belong to both.


Green Living:


The 3 G’s of Kitchen Cleaning–Amber Bradshaw (The Coastal Homestead)

The Complete Guide to Natural Cleaning–Angie Holden (The Country Chic Cottage)

Sustainable Lifestyle Design–Emily Uebergang (The Urban Ecolife)


Home School:


Easy Peasy Chores–Alina Joy Dubois (Good Old Days Farm)

Back To Basics Homeschool MP3 Collection–Amy Stults and Jimmie Lanley (iHomeschool Network)

My Color Coded Homeschool Planner–Jennifer and Bill Osuch (Self Reliant School)

Vintage Kids Modern World Planner–Kelsi Rea (Raising Vintage Kids)

Homeschooling Fundamentals–Tiffany Davis (Imperfectly Happy)




Urban Farming For Kids–Danelle Wolford (Weed ’em & Reap)

The Urban Chicken–Heather Harris (Homestead Hippy)

Habitat Housing for Rabbits–Janet Garman (Timber Creek Farm)

Tips For The Beginning Beekeeper–Karen Creel (Garden Chick)

Pickling Primer–LeAnn Edmondson (Homestead Dreamer)

The Little Series of Homestead How-Tos–Leigh Tate (5 Acres and a Dream)

Nigerian Dwarf Goats 101: Background & Basics–Lesa Wilke (Better Hens and Gardens)

Homesteading When You Don’t Have a Homestead–Marie Beausoleil (Just Plain Marie)

Patio Raptors–Meredith Skyer (ImaginAcres)

Homestead Management–Quinn Veon (Reformation Acres)

Vegetable Gardening Basics–Rick Stone (Our Stoney Acres)

The A-Frame Pallet Planter–Shelle Wells (Preparedness Mama)

The Art of Gardening: Building Your Soil–Susan Vinskofski (Learning and Yearning)

Ready, Set, Grow!–Susannah Shmurak (Healthy Green Savvy)


Natural Remedies:


Natural Herbal Living–Amanda Klenner

The Empowered Mother–Cara Comini (Health, Home and Happiness)

Cold + Flu Season – Are YOU Ready?–Carol Little R.H. (Studio Botanica)

The Beginners’’ Book of Essential Oils–Christine Dalziel (Joybilee Farm)

Homemade Beauty Essentials–Jessica Lane (104 Homestead)

How to Make Healing Herbal Salve and Lip Balm–Kami McBride (Living Awareness)

Natural Beauty From Head to Toe–Kelly Cable (Simple Life Mom)

Common Sense Home Remedies–Laurie Neverman (Common Sense Homesteading)

My Buttered Life: Personal Care Edition–Renee Harris (Hard Lotion)

The Mother magazine–Starr Meneely (The Mother Magazine)




Getting Prepared–Angela England (Untrained Housewife)

The Every Day Carry Guide–Chris Ruiz (The Bug Out Bag Guide)

Prepping Crash Course–Dale and Lisa Goodwin (Survivalist Prepper)

The Complete Book of Preppers Lists–Joan Crain (Family-Survival-Planning)

Food Storage Made Easy–Jodi and Julie (Food Storage Made Easy)

Your Own 72 Hour Kit Plan–Misty Marsh (Your Own Home Store)

Wonder Oven Cooking Video–Meagan Smith (My Food Storage Cookbook)

Protein Power–Riley Carson (Pioneer Settler)


Simple Living:


Living A Rich Life As A Stay-At-Home Mom–Anita Fowler and Karen Jensen (Live Like You Are Rich)

Family Systems: How to Automate Your Housewife Life–Hilary Erickson (Pulling Curls)

Practical Simplicity–Rachel Jones (Nourishing Minimalism)

Handmade Gifts from the Kitchen–Stephanie Rose (Garden Therapy)

Household Organization Pack–Whitney Cornelison (Beauty In The Mess)

Yep $29.97 for EVERYTHING listed!  Basically you save over $520 by buying this. There are different ordering options including having the bundle delivered to a flash drive!

Click here to order your Back To Basics Bundle today!

Thank you!




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