Back-to-School Lunches, Gifts, and Transitioning Tips

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Back-to-School Lunches, Gifts, and Transitioning Tips

Going back to school is such a fun time of year for most children. I remember while growing up I looked forward to going back to school with great excitement. A few of the events I enjoyed were getting to know new teachers, having more opportunities available to me, buying new clothes, and switching to a more structured routine.

If you have any kids going back to school soon, you may find the following tips and posts helpful...

Lunches & Snack Ideas

  1. Waffle Taco Bar - Create yummy waffle/taco shells and added some healthy ingredients for a waffle taco bar lunch treat.

2. Baked Ravioli Recipe - This is an easy recipe for the kids to help make.


3. Apple Cars - I use an apple, tooth picks as the axel, and cut grapes as tires.


4. Mac and Cheese Cups – Press the dough into a muffin tin, add mac & cheese, and bake.


5. PB&J & Banana Burrito - A new twist on a tortilla with a banana in the middle.


6. Ants on a Log- This was always a favorite of mine growing up. We’d use peanut butter or cream cheese in celery. For the ants we would use raisins or nuts.


7. Healthy Taco Salad – You can enjoy this taco salad right from the fridge, no heating required.


8. Croissant Sandwiches - These are just as easy as regular sandwiches. To add a playful elements to your kid’s lunch, cut carrots into coins and put the grapes into some colorful food picks.


9. Snack Butterflies - Add paint and pipe cleaners to a clothespin. Put snacks in baggie and clip in the middle to make your own snack butterfly.


10. Apple Oreo Pops - These Apple OREO Pops are so exciting as a first week of school snack!


11. Apple Cheese Wraps - Combine slices of sweet, crisp apples with a nice piece of salty cheddar cheese and fresh sliced turkey or ham.

Get more ideas on making lunch boxes more creative here.

Fun and Creative Ways to Make Lunch Boxes Exciting

Preparing Kids for School


1. Morning Routine - I've found (and I've heard from other moms, including my sister) that following these steps help make mornings go smoothly and efficiently.


2. Smooth Transition from Summer to School - Here are some of my tips for a smooth transition from summer to school. Good luck to you and your kids and we wish them the very best this school year!

dealing with school transitions

3. Dealing With School Transitions - Big school transitions are especially difficult for parents because they are just as new for us as they are for our children.

Teacher Gift Ideas


1. Date Stamp - This is a fun and useful gift for a teacher that can be put together in 3 minutes and costs about $7.00.

teacher goodie bag

2. Teacher Goodie Bags - Collect school supplies as they go on sale during the summer and package them up for your child's teacher.


3. DIY School Mason Jars - These painted mason jars are super fun and cute!


4. DIY Planters Gifts - Easy and inexpensive! DIY Thank You Gifts for Any Occasion.


5. Sharpie Back to School Teacher Gift with FREE PRINTABLE.

Get more teacher gift ideas here.

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 I hope you enjoyed this Back-to-School round up!


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