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Valentine’s Day Felt Arrows

Valentine’s Day Felt Arrows

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Valentine’s Day Felt Arrows

Valentine's Day Felt Arrows

These felt arrows are so easy to make; they are inexpensive and they can be used for a Valentine’s Day decor. 

Valentine's Day Felt Arrows

This craft is great to make with kids. They can be made easily by kids 8 years and older.

However, my daughter, Amelia who is four, really wanted to help make the arrows as well.

So, I held the more dangerous tools while she pressed the trigger of the glue gun and pressed my hands together to cut the felt. We really enjoyed doing this craft together.

Valentine's Day Felt Arrows


I ended up placing the arrows in a geometric shape orb that I had on hand. I really liked the look. After my 11-year-old son commented on how cool the arrows look, I liked it even more.

I also made a wreath to go with it (post coming soon). 

These felt arrows would be great for a cupid-themed party or with these a DIY block wooden hearts as well.


Supply List and Costs for this Valentine’s Day Felt Arrows

Wooden Dowel Rods 1/8 x 12 Inch .08 cents

Felt 4″x4″ .10 cents each x 2= .20 cents


hot glue and glue sticks .05 cents each

paper (for a pattern)

pen (for tracing)

Total for each arrow: 0.33 cents each

Optional- gold geometric shape (I had the orb on-hand) 

Valentine's Day Felt Arrows

How to Make this Valentine’s Day Felt Arrows

Continue reading and/or watch the video tutorial on this page to see how to make these.

1- Make a pattern for the fletching (feathers) and the arrowhead.

I freehanded my fletching and arrowhead on a piece of paper with a pen and cut it out.

However, there is an pretty easy way to make the pattern if you are using felt squares that are 4×4.

This could be confusing so I would suggest watching the video to see how, but I’ll endeavor to describe it here. Take a 4×4 piece of felt and cut the corners off that are directly across from each other. The vertex (middle) of the triangles should be about 1″. Then you cut a square that is turned diagonally to get the V shape at the bottom of the fletch. This way you can fit one fletching and one arrowhead on one 4×4 piece of felt.

2- Once you have your pattern, double up the 4×4 felt pieces because you’ll need two of each. As one piece will go above the wooden dowel rod and one will go underneath. 

3- If you plan on making a lot of these, I’d recommend tracing the pattern on the other colors of felt and cutting them out for a quicker assembly.

4- Hot glue the fletching top and bottom onto the end of the wooden dowel rod. Just glue the wooden dowel to the felt where the rod goes. Do not glue the felt pieces together because you want to make feathers out of the felt.

5- Hot glue the arrow head top and bottom onto the other end of the wooden dowel rod. You do want to glue these pieces together all of the way.

6- To make the fletching look like feathers. Hold the scissor blades at the same angle as the fletching edge and cut strips about 1″ long towards the dowel rod and space them about 1/8″- 1/4″ apart along the length of the fletching. Please watch the video if this is confusing.

7- Optional- If you are creating a centerpiece like mine, take a geometric centerpiece and stick the arrows in the object randomly. If needed, secure with tiny drops of hot glue.

That’s it. 

Valentine's Day Felt Arrows

Happy Valentine’s Day.



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Valentine's Day Felt Arrows


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