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How to Coupon at Target

How to coupon and save money at Target

Target has multiple ways to save and the best part is that you can combine most of them together and score big! Here are nine ways on how to coupon at Target and save BIG

#1- Manufacturers coupons (they take manufacturer coupons both printed and newspaper). There is a limit of 4 identical coupons per household, per day. You can also find a huge database of online coupons here

#2- Target online coupons. Go here to print off the online target coupons you want.  Many times their coupons are one per guest; if not, then you may use a total of 4. If you have children with you or anyone else they will count them as additional guests and you can use one per person. Target mails out and even includes Target coupons in the newspaper. This last Sunday there was a super high-value coupon $10 off $50 worth of food. Just in time for Thanksgiving too!! You can also text the word FOOD to 827438 and Target will text it to you.


You can pair a manufacturer coupon WITH a Target coupon on the same item (unless either coupon specifies that you cannot). If a coupon is not item specific (such as the $10 off $50 of food) it can be used in addition to other coupons in the same transaction.

#3- Use a coupon match up site or app- Favado is a great place to find match up prices and coupons for items at Walgreens. The coolest thing about Favado is that it is an app for smart phones and can go with you into the stores. It shows you the sale items on local stores and you can add them to a list. They tell you which coupons (paper, digital, in-ad, register rewards, and even reward points) are available for items in Walgreens. It saves a ton of money to use Favado or another coupon match up site.  Click Here to download Favado to your phone.

Other great sites to find match ups is ,, and TheKrazyCouponLady

#4-Mobile coupons. You can sign up for free Target Mobile coupons by texting COUPONS to 827438 (TARGET). You can pair a mobile coupon with a manufacturer coupon but not other target coupons.

#5-Cartwheel app.- Download the Target Cartwheel app to your smart phone which is free. Then do a search for an item you want and it will tell you if discounts are available for that item. You can get an additional 5% off or 20% off etc. If you want the discount click ‘add’. Once you are done adding everything click the check mark and a barcode will show up. The cashier will scan it. If you don’t have a smart phone, you can do this online and print off the barcode and take it with you. You must be done with all other coupons at this point because once the cartwheel is scanned you cannot add other discounts. *Note- Sometimes the app does not work in the stores, if this happens to you then connect to Target’s free WiFi and it should work.

#6- REDcard- If you sign up for a Target REDcard (debit card) you will receive 5% off of your total (calculated after all other discounts and coupons have been applied). Target also mails out coupons to REDcard members.

#7-Price matching- Bring an AD or your smart phone and price match an item. You can use coupons when price matching per Target’s normal coupon policy. They even price match!

#8- Pharmacy rewards. If you fill eligible prescriptions you can receive a 5% off shopping for a day pass. Click here for details.

#9- Get cash back  by using Ibotta and Checkout51. Ibotta is an awesome app that works for just about any popular grocery store and some retail stores and theaters allows you to earn cash back is called Ibotta. In the first 3 months of using it I made $77!  Ibotta is like a mobile coupon app/rebate machine. When you buy something being sponsored by Ibotta and the store you bought it at you will earn cash back. At the end of your shopping trip to redeem an item  you need to follow a quick process of learning a fact, watching a short clip, or sharing it on Facebook. After that, you simply take a quick photo of your receipt and the product you bought and the cash will be credited to your account. Plus, if you sign up and redeem your first purchase/item you will receive a $2.00 bonus which is a pretty great deal. Click here to sign up for Ibotta.

Use Checkout51 Another free app (also a website if you don’t have a smart phone). It is very similar to Ibotta but it can be used with any store. I’ve tested it and It works great! Plus, unlike iBotta it isn’t store exclusive, which is great for people who live in smaller towns and that don’t shop at big chain grocery stores. You can get cash back on milk, eggs, and other everyday groceries. I use this and ibotta together as well as use a coupon. Using all these methods I save a ton. And I sometimes get items for free! Sign up for Checkout51 here!

How to coupon at Target using Ibotta, mobile coupons, the REDcard and all other Target saving offers.

This was a GREAT day at Target, they had a coupon for a free watch if you bought a small piece of jewelry (a month or so ago). I bought almost everything else for 90% off. My total was $48.91 and I brought home $173.01 worth!

Bonus Tips- Target usually has other promotions such as $5.00 or $10.00 gift card promotions. I find these to be very good deals if paired with a manufacturer coupon, a target coupon and a cartwheel discount.

Bonus Tip- Take your own bags in. You get 5 cents a bag you bring in on your own. Remind the cashier if they forget.

Target has price cuts which are sometimes pretty good. They also have an extensive clearance section, especially the day after holidays. To read about how to shop after holidays click here.

What I found extremely helpful is having different browsers open and ready to go on my iPhone. I check the browsers as I place the item in the cart to make sure I have the mobile coupon up or the cartwheel discount added. When I get up to check out I hand the cashier my paper coupons and then let him know that I have some on my phone. Target coupons change very quickly and there’s always something new so this method is one that I rely on as I like to get the best deal. I have him scan my mobile coupon barcodes (each browser) and then finally the cartwheel barcode. Then I pay with my Red Card and save another 5% off everything. Finally, if I bought anything on Ibotta I scan my receipt in the car and head on home.

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For other ‘living rich’ and couponing tips please subscribe, like me on Facebook and Follow me on Pinterest.


For other ‘rich living’ and money saving tips, subscribe, like me on Facebook, and follow me on Pinterest.

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14 Responses to How to Coupon at Target

  1. I love target abd this was a great post thanks.

  2. Sarah says:

    Be sure not to forget to bring your own bags in as that saves five cents for each one used , sometimes you have to remind cashier

  3. Laura Paulus says:

    Do you have an ibotta referral code I can enter in. I am registering on my IPhone. I heard about this from you so would like you to get credit for a referral.

  4. Michelle says:

    So I’m new to the coupon world. Can you use a target coupon, and manufacturing coupon, AND the cartwheel?

  5. Sharon says:

    Anita-I found a coupon pin of yours on Pinterest, lets just say I”M SO HAPPY! I have a quick question. I coupon in spurts..when I have the money, when things are needed and really when I have the time to deal with it. After watching Extreme Couponing, I don’t see how those people can buy all those items and pay pennies at the end. I never get that lucky. What am I missing?

    • Anita Fowler says:

      Sharon- Those shows are fairly deceptive. They have ordered hundreds of the same coupon online (and they pay good money for those coupons). Then they order hundreds of the items that are on sale from the store way ahead of time that work with their coupons… this is so they can buy tons of crazy good deals and many of them are money-makers so they can throw in other items fruit, veggies, meat (that are normally never free) and it looks like they are getting it all for free. It is mainly a fasade. AND they spend about 30 hours a week couponing. Another thing that most shows show is a store that doubles coupons. Those are getting less and less common and are often hard to find. When a store doubles a coupon you can save significantly more! So, I recommend taking the approach of saving each time you go shopping and the savings add up. Check out this post about how to balance your life and coupon.

  6. […] well as price match at Target, I decided it might be worth a try. These are the two posts (HERE and HERE) that helped me immensely with this […]

  7. Becky says:

    LOVE Target and love getting their coupons. Glad to know I can use more than one together with Cartwheel. Better than Walmart!

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