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9 Ways to Save Big at CVS

9 Ways to Save Big at CVS

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For years I was always so jealous of people who lived near a CVS! They always have such great deals and promos (especially on baby items and diapers). When I found out that a CVS was going to built near my house I was really excited. It opened a few months ago and I’m so happy I can now get these great deals!

1. Sign up for the CVS Extracare card. Hold on to it. If you lose it you may miss out on coupons that you can only get with having your physical card.

2. Earn ExtraBucks. ExtraBucks are similar to the old Rite Aid Up rewards. They print out at the bottom of the receipt and you can use them to pay for your next purchase/transaction. ExtraBucks are only available on certain products. They are posted on the weekly ads and also in the store. If you buy something with $2.00 ExtraBucks, you pay for the item and receive $2.00 at the bottom of your receipt. What I do is break my purchases up into multiple transactions. This way I can use the ExtraBucks I earn on the first transaction on the second. There are also limits to how many offers (items with ExtraBucks) you are allowed per card.

3. Another great site to use (and can be used on both desktop and smart phone) is You can select your state and then select the store and you can see all the sale items and coupon matchups.

If you just want to see what coupons are available and not look at a sale matchup site you can go here to

4. CVS Coupon Center Machine. There is a red coupon center machine like this located in CVS stores. When you scan your Extracare card often coupons will print out. Try scanning it at least 3 times. Sometimes the second and third times coupons will print out as well!

5. CVS Beauty Club- Sign up for CVS’ Beauty Club. When you spend $50.00 in beauty items (pre-coupon) you will get $5.00 in ExtraBucks. You’ll also get $3.00 on your birthday (if you add it to your profile when signing up).

6. Rainchecks- Often great deals disappear quickly at stores. I love that CVS offers rainchecks on their deals. The raincheck will specify the sale price on the item, if ExtraBucks would have been earned, and finally if there was a limit (aka 2 per person). This way you won’t miss out on any great deals!!

7. Get cash back by using Checkout51. It is a free app (also a website if you don’t have a smart phone). It can be used with any store, which is great for people who live in smaller towns and that don’t shop at big chain grocery stores. You can get cash back on milk, eggs, and other everyday groceries. I use this and use a coupon. Using all these methods I save a ton. And sometimes I get items for free! Sign up for Checkout51 here!

8. Combine sale items with coupons- Here is a website that shows you all the coupon match ups for the week in stores near you. You simply select your state>Select all stores> hit the start button>click on the star (dead center on the star) that is above the words Stock Up sales> Select shrink. Now you have all 4 & 5 star items (40-100% off) highlighted.

9. Subscribe to Ship and Save- If you often order the contact solution, allergy medicine, or skin or hair care you can get those shipped out to you on a regular basis for less than buying them in the CVS stores!

Bonus TipSign up for their bonus on prescriptions. You can get $5 extra bucks for every 10 prescriptions filled.

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9 Ways to Save Big at CVS


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Myra K Hammon

Tuesday 7th of October 2014

I saved $60.81 at CVS yesterday with sale prices, coupons, extra bucks, and a gift card from a previous sale. I spent $14.36. The cashier missed $3 extra bucks that I have on my card to buy milk with (that is on sale) later this week. I love CVS.

Anita Fowler

Wednesday 8th of October 2014

Awesome! Congratulations! I love hearing about these successful couponing experiences. I also really dislike when a cashier misses a coupon or extra bucks or something. Great job!

Mitzie Holden-Herrera

Saturday 21st of June 2014

sounds interesting how much time do you figure you invest in this stuff weekly

Anita Fowler

Monday 23rd of June 2014

Mitzie it depends. Here is my beginners guide to coupons. Usually its about 45 minutes before leaving for the store and an extra hour in the stores. I typically save about $100 each shopping trip. I try to take 3 a month. So I save about $300 a month putting in 1-2 hours a week. Check out my beginners guide to coupons here.