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Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower

Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower

My wonderful cousin is getting married soon and my family wanted to throw her a shower. We all spent less than $50.00 each and it turned out super fun and cute. If you haven’t read my post on how to throw a nice shower for less than $50.00 and you have a shower to plan, I’d recommend checking it out. 

My cousin’s kitchen colors are red and white and she mainly needs kitchen supplies so a Red and White Kitchen Shower seemed to really fit. She got a lot of amazing things and we all had a wonderful time.

I filled Kitchen Aid and Bosch mixers with flowers we bought at Costco and a few tulips from my mom’s garden. I was able to layer the flowers in the Bosch, but for the Kitchen Aid I found using this weighted flower frog to be very helpful!

Kitchenaid with bouquet of flowers

Bosch Mixer with bouquet of flowers

We decorated with gifts we bought the bride for her kitchen. We bought most of the gifts at Ikea and found a few (surprisingly) high quality ones at the Dollar Tree as well. We decorated with measuring cups, funnels, spatulas, oven mitts, tongs, peelers, scrub brushes, a cutting board, kitchen towels, a salad spinner, etc.

For a pop of color we accented the red and white with yellow. We used lemons and flowers for the accent colors.

Blender with bouquet of flowers and kitchen tools Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower

We also made use of cookbooks that matched the decor. We used a Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, a Six Sister’s Stuff cookbook (isn’t it cute?), and a very step-by-step newlywed ‘Your Time to Cook’ cookbook.

cookbooks and saladspinner Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower

LemonRaspberry water -Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower

For the drink we put raspberries and lemons in the ice water for an lightly infused taste (which tasted great).

Then we all pitched in and provided the food. A tip on saving money at showers (that can also be found in my ‘shower for 50.00 or less’ post here) is to host the showers at snack times or dessert times instead of at meal times. We held this shower at 7:00 PM so we just provided a lighter refreshment bar.

Food for a Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower

We had wonderful eclairs.

  Eclairs at a Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower

Red Velvet Cupcakes.

Red Velvet Cupcakes at a Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower  

And finally we had nuts, candy, veggies, fruit, and veggie dip.

Food and decor at a Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower

We hung the following door decor which can be made using this tutorial here. 

Door decor at a Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower  

And we also decorated with another cranberry heart wreath, planter flowers, and balloons.

Decor at a Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower

We made a recipe book using a binder and just slid fabric into the plastic. We also decorated the main present (a Bosch mixer!!) in the white and red wrapping and put a cute ladybug timer on top.

Presents at a Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower

After the shower we wheeled everything from around back (the shower was in a basement room) to our cars. We took about 4 trips with two wheelbarrows! They were so helpful to move the gifts, decorations, and food that I couldn’t help but add this handy tip in in case you throw a party that requires some walking to and from the cars to the venue.

Using wheelbarrows to cart gifts, presents, etc. to car at a Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower

If you want the carts to be seen, you could decorate them with fabric and ribbons and used it to wheel decorations and food in and out as well.

Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower  

Well I hope these gave you a few great ideas on throwing a Kitchen Themed Shower.

I got a few of my ideas from this Kitchen shower and this Kitchen shower. They are a little more elaborate (and beautiful) than ours, but we were going for a more down to earth cutesy theme because of the red and white color scheme.


Kitchen Themed Bridal Shower

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