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Why You May Be Getting Scammed Through Your Mailbox and How to Avoid It

Why You May Be Getting Scammed Through Your Mailbox and How to Avoid It

I usually am always filtering out scammers in my mailbox, but recently that “filtering” caused me to accidentally throw away $1,604.73! I brought in the mail a few days ago. First, I opened what looked like a check from the outside of the envelope. It was not marked and I was thinking to myself, this could be one of many rebates that I’m waiting for due to my couponing. Well, it turned out it wasn’t. In fact, it was an official looking collections letter from Convergent Outsourcing, Inc. that wants to ‘settle our debt with us’. We supposedly owe them thousands but they will take a mere $408.85 to settle the debt.

Not recognizing any of the companies or names, and knowing we don’t owe anyone money (besides our regular payments) I immediately thought something was fishy. Further, the fact they wanted to ‘settle’ for so low a price without even calling us was enough to make me do some research. I turned to the internet. I found out that Convergent Outsourcing, Inc. is a SCAMMER company. They are so good at disguising themselves they even have an official looking form. They include a place for you to fill out your CC information or bank account information and smoothly send in the money. If you call them they will immediately ask for your social security number and birth date before agreeing to give you any information.

Imagine what dishonest people like this do with your bank or CC information, your SS number, and your birth date! Identity Theft anyone? I wanted to show you what this letter looked like (blacking out our personal information) so that you can see for yourself and be forewarned in case these scammers try to rip you off.

Trying to Filter Out Low Life Scammers, I Tossed $1,604.73 in the Trash. Here's Why and How to Avoid It.

Some people in the comments below still are nervous about this being a legitimate collections agency. They are a scam company. I ignored it and never had anything reported to my credit (proof: I have an over 800 point credit score). But if you are still uneasy about this I recommend you call the company that they say you owe. DON’T call Convergent as they will insist you give them your personal information…and I’m pretty sure if you do they’ll use it for identity theft. But if you are STILL concerned, call the company they say you owe the debt to and ask them if you have a balance, if they’ve sent your account to a collections agency and make them tell what the name of the collections agency is.

The second thing that happened (on a bit of a happier note) was that we got our mortgage payment/invoice in the mail. Usually, I don’t open them because I pay online each month. But today I happened to open it and I noticed our escrow payment was significantly lower than what we have been paying all last year. So I went online and checked out our escrow balance. Hidden (I had to search for and find the right report) I found out that the mortgage company overcharged us on escrow and had cut and sent us a check. The check was for $1,334.73. Since I was unaware of it coming and it was disguised as a bill that I always ignore because I pay it online, I accidentally threw it out!! After a few phone calls and long waiting times, I was able to contact them. Thankfully, they cancelled that check and sent me a new one. WOW. I had no idea I had accidentally tossed $1,334.73 in the garbage because it looked exactly like our monthly bill.

This reminded me of a time a few years ago. I was at my mom’s house and she gave me her coupon inserts that she saves for me. A few days later I was at the store and needed to use a coupon in that insert. I pulled it out and an envelope dropped to the floor. It looked like it could be junk mail and it was, after all, my mom’s. I didn’t want to drive it to her if it was just junk mail. So I opened it and there was a pretty high value check from one of their renters. I called and told her I had found it hidden in the coupon insert. She was happy to hear about it because she was about to call the renters and ask why they hadn’t made their payment. It’s such a simple concept: looking carefully through mail, but its something many of us could probably do a little better at.

Recently, we had two $45.00 rebate credit cards coming to our house from a specific camera company. After a few months we called to report never receiving them. They said they sent them but would cancel the cards and resend them. So I waited. A month later I called again and again they said they sent them and would cancel the card and resend. Finally, the third time (about 7 months after the promised rebate), both myself and the company were a little agitated. So we decided to send them to a different address. I gave them my mom’s address. And low and behold a week later they arrived. When I went to my mom’s to pick them up I was shocked and a bit embarrassed when I recognized them. I had received the rebate cards 3 times but I threw them all away (that is 6 cards at $45.00 each tossed in the trash). Why? Because the company was using a very popular third party bank to send out the rebate cards. They came from a bank who was always sending us credit card offers with those fake credit cards inside of them. So naturally, since I kept thinking they were credit card solicitations, I kept chucking them in the trash.

So what have I learned in the last two months by throwing out over $1,604.73 in the trash? That mail has become tricky and sophisticated. Scammers and even honest marketers pose things to look like checks that try to get you to unwittingly buy their product or give them money. These are usually opened readily. And then the companies that are sending you real money and rebate cards etc. make the mailings look like typical bills or advertisements (I don’t know if it’s because they are hoping their recipients throw them out and they won’t lose that money, or if it is because they don’t want them to be stolen). Either way I decided to pull out my letter opener from now on and open every single piece of mail before tossing it. If in three months I almost threw away $1,604.73, I cringe to think what all of us may be tossing into the receptacle bin. Be very careful about what is in your mail.


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72 Responses to Why You May Be Getting Scammed Through Your Mailbox and How to Avoid It

  1. Angela Higdon says:

    Wow! I wonder if I have eve done something like this? I do a quick filter everyday too and throw 75% of the mail we get in the trash without ever opening it!

    • Anita Fowler says:

      I’m not sure, just check your bills very thoroughly online. Another thing to look for is if anything changes then I would call them or ask why you are paying less, etc. I often have rebates coming in from couponing…

      • James says:


        I received a letter just like the one you have pictured from Convergent. These people are crooks.

        If you go to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and file a complaint, once they have enough, they will go after Convergent.

        Once I filed my complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Convergent wrote back quickly and closed the collections case.

        Amazing a debt that I never owed was not automatically closed. Go figure. People listen and dont let these clows rip you off of your hard earned money.

        FIGHT BACK !

    • didi says:

      Dear Madam,

      Thank you so much for this post. You saved my day!!!! Yesterday, I received such a letter and I was very nervous about it. I was wondering who are these people and who is the creditor. I never heard of Convergent Outsourcing, Inc. neither the creditor. Convergent claimed in the letter they sent me that I have to pay $540.14 to Citizens Bank N.A. and offered me to settle for an amount of $270.07 in order to clear the amount in full. So Thank God that when I came to work this morning my co-worker told me to check this company if it is a scam, that is how I found this post. These thieves are out there to get you. Please everybody be careful. Again thank you so much for this post.


      • Anita Fowler says:

        I’m glad this helped you!

      • Deann says:

        I, too, just received a statement from them and was very upset about it. I looked up Galaxy Asset Purchasing, LLC who is the creditor; then there is the original creditor: Household Bank, and than the collection agency, Convergent Outsourcing, Inc. I can save 35% of $1499.64 and three ways to pay it. What I found funny is making payments to a post office box, no original address. That is when I looked them up and found that it was a ripoff/scam. This has never showed up on my credit report, and I too watch it very carefully. Thanks everyone for looking out for one another.

  2. TAMARA TERNI says:

    I believe I fell for 1 of those paydowns. I could not remember the bill they were speaking of, but paid it at the low price they offered. and then a monthly amount was being drawn from my bank that I did not understand. the bank stopped the payments and changed my account numbers. thankgod they reimberssed me the amounts. I am so much more careful with the mail now

  3. Kelsey says:

    I pay most of my bills online, but I ALWAYS open them to make sure that it matches what is showing up online (I’ve never had a problem, but just in case). I also then take the bill, write on it when and how much I paid, and file it.

    As far as those credit card offers go, I usually look at the outside. If it is clearly marked as a card offer, it goes into the shredder. If it’s not clearly marked, I always open it to double check. If it’s a card offer, right into the shredder. If it’s a rebate check (yay!) it goes into my wallet. This helps prevent me from accidentally throwing away (or losing) those valuable rebate checks!

  4. Donna says:

    I just got a letter in the mail that looks exactly like the one you posted!!!! What a ripoff!!! I knew I didn’t owe any debt like this. It was for an original creditor of Cross Country Bank and then had a creditor listed as Galaxy Asset Purchasing, LLC. I’ve never done business with any of these companies. To beat all, the letter came with my former last name that changed 8 years ago!!

    • Anita Fowler says:

      Yeah it’s just horrible that this company is still out there! I just don’t know why someone doesn’t shut them down. Scammers for sure!

      • Anita Fowler, Thank you this scam letter. back page said this collection agency is licensed by Minnesota Department of Commerca. But where is number licensed. Is that fake?? Last wednestda, i got letter .Yesterday, I found this scam letter.Do you think I show our bank letter ??
        My email is husband owe $219.00 . letter said this notice is being sent to you by a collection agency. The record of Payal Inc. show that you blance of $219.00 is due in full. I dont know what is it?? Yesterday they call me videphone. about 3 or 4 timesWhere is y husband. I said no what for. we dont want company steal my bank money. Let me know. I blocked company number.We are both deaf.This is Frances Hixon

        • Anita Fowler says:

          I’m so so sorry!!! I would go into your bank and show and ask them. I’m almost positive it is a scam letter but with you being deaf they will try to take advantage of you. Be very careful and know for sure before you pay.

  5. Kellye says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience! I have a letter here from Convergent that looks just like yours. It even has LVNV Funding on it. Did it ever show up on your credit report? Did you just ignore it or how did you make it go away? Thanks!!

  6. Jami says:

    Same thing happen to me with a tire rebate. Good thing you (and I) keep track of rebates coming in so at least you were able to call the company and have them reissue. Great article, thanks for posting.

  7. Tammy says:

    I received a letter today from Convergent saying they were representing National Collegiate Trust and they would settle the $28,000 debt for $16,000…..I was freaking out….I work for a law firm and definitely going to talk with one of the attorneys tomorrow….thank you for posting about this. My stomach was in knots.

  8. rafael uribe says:

    I just recived one of those. Thank you for sharing ur experience am sorry that happened to you

  9. Mitch says:

    Wow… My wife have same collections letter from Convergent Outsourcing. We don’t remember owing them ANY money whatsover. I wonder if this is some bottom feeding company just trying to scam people.

  10. frank says:

    How about this??? I actually have a debt with Sprint and it is old, so they sent it off to collections….. I looked on my Credit report and it shows that CONVERGENT holds the debt. So…. are they legit or not??

    • Anita Fowler says:
      Check out those articles.
      Then check your credit on an official site. I write about one here. Perhaps if it is true that Convergent holds the debt it is a different convergent, convergent outsourcing is the one I’m referring to. You can also try contacting Sprint and ask them who holds the debt. Another probability: If they’ve scammed thousands of American’s chances are they may have scammed your credit report. All I know is that after reading thousands of people online saying they are fraudulent and after my experience of the fraud/scam they tried to dupe me into I know its a scam. If they are actually really on your credit report (which they never show up on anyone else’s for ignoring it (from my own experience and others I’ve read) I can bet something is up on your credit report that you need to get fixed.

      For other reader’s benefit I have to mention this. This commenter could be from convergent making this comment to get you to trust his company because I am one of the top Google searches under Convergent scam, and if that is his motive, shame on him.

      • frank says:

        wow! I may be from convergant! is it really that big of a conspiracy that they would plant a spy on a blogs coment thread? Lol I can assure you that I am legit. That being said some interesting things happened last night after I posted my comment. I actually called Sprint and Sprint gave me a phone number of the debt collector. They did not have the name just the number. When I called the number it was convergent. It is the same convergant that you guys are referring to because I got a letter in the mail that looks identical to the one that is posted on this thread. The funny thing is, that when I spoke with the man at convergent he automatically knew my name I guess they have caller ID lol. He asked for my social security number and I would not give it to him. I said if you know my name before I even speak you must have all my info in front of you. He was very adamant on getting my social security number so that he could” help me”. I told him that he did not need my social security number since he already had my info in front of him and that I was only calling to confirm the validity of the debt. I stated that he held the debt for sprint at which point he told me that it was not sprint that he held the debt for. At that point I told him he answer my question… I said good bye and hung up the phone. I am sure that they are ripping people off somewhere, but it seems very odd to me that Sprint says that they hold my debt, and my credit report says that they hold my debt, but when I call and talk to them they say that they don’t. This whole thing is messed up lol

  11. Mark says:

    I also received a “form” from Convergent Outsourcing claiming I owed a large sum of money to another company that I never had an account with.

    I also received a pack of papers called an “ID Theft Affidavit” asking for my full name, address, birth date, social security number, driver’s license number, and a copy of my driver’s license and any police report I may have filed.

    Then they want me to mail it all to them. This smacks of criminal behavior and after i call the company in question to see if they have an account with my EXACT name and personal information on file, I’m going to the District Attorney.

  12. Chris says:

    I just received one of these Convergent SCAM letters. The funniest thing is the amount of the alleged debt is nearly identical to the one in your letter:

    Principal: $1,044.85
    Interest: $1,000.79
    Total Balance: $2,045.64

    They are asking for $409.13

    The original creditor is supposedly Citibank USA, but I have never owned a Citibank card ever. The most absurd thing is that my credit report shows no delinquencies and I have a credit score of 890, lol. I have credit monitoring service with Capital One. I literally pay my credit cards to zero every month. I really have no debt and never have.

    A few months ago I had another letter from another company that stated debt for Capital One. I knew it was a scam right away because I have two active credit cards with Capital One for about 10 years and never been delinquent. I pay these card to zero every month.

    There is more than one company that tries to use this scam. Be careful and please don’t fall for this scam.

  13. ervin says:

    Thanks i had a feeling this was a scam

  14. Bridget says:

    My father in law gets his mail delivered to our house and my husband thought he,too, had gotten a check……normal occurrence for insurance salesmen. So, we have an EXACT copy of YOUR “official” looking letter. I told him it was a scam and decided to investigate……We are sending them a certified letter disputing this debt and demanding all information about the original creditor. We need to shut these crooks down! Also, it states TWO different times that the law limits how long you can be sued on a debt and your debt is beyond that limit. WTH? Then why are you even trying this? Seeing YOUR letter sure took a weight off…….I plan to send a copy of this in the letter too. (If that’s alright with you. Thanx again!!

  15. Heather Miller says:

    Received one today. Basically the same letter, but with a different address.
    Convergent Outsourcing, Inc.
    800 SW 39th St / PO Box 9004
    Renton, WA 98057
    Mon – Fri 8AM-5PM

    Definitely not paying. It is not listed on hubby’s credit report, nor is it any place we had a loan through. They list Original Creditor as Bank One.

  16. SecretaryNS says:

    As shady as they are, they are able to report to credit bureaus. I’m now about to pay them $200 for a Sprint phone bill opened fraudulently in my name about three years ago. It once belonged to another collection agency, but they allowed me to show that it was identity theft and did not attempt to further collect. Somehow, two years later, it ended up in Convergent’s hands. Now I’m getting a mortgage and have no choice but to pay since it’s on my credit report.

    Point being, do not throw their letters away. Take care of it.

    • Anita Fowler says:

      hmm there are two Convergents. Again… call them and don’t give them your info, make them give it to you. Call the company they say you owe but DO NOT PAY them unless you have confirmed it is not the scam Convergent company.

  17. Arthur Whitehead says:

    I recently received one of these letters myself. Claimed it was a debt from Paypal, which is what made me suspicious because Paypal holds no balance, the money just passes through them.
    I called the company at the number listed on their website, although I realize it’s not to hard to fake a website. I pretty much figured if it was a scam, I wasn’t going to give them any more information then they already had, my name and address which was already on the letter, and the account number listed on the letter. They asked for the last four of my social, and even my e-mail address associated with my Paypal account. I wouldn’t provide either of them. Finally, the woman gave me the e-mail address associated with the Paypal account and it was obviously not mine. So I’m guessing that someone may have used my name and address for a fake Paypal account, not really sure though.
    I can’t say if Convergent is an all out scam or not, but it does seem like a company that is easy for scammers to target and funnel through, based on the number of complaints against them. If it is a complete scam, then I wonder how they are still operating.

    • Anita Fowler says:

      I’m not sure either, just that I’ve received two scam letters from them. You’ve received one. Many others on this thread have received them too. So yeah scammers either use them or they are a scam company. Thanks!

  18. Anon says:

    Did not get a letter, but got a robotic voice mail from them.

    “This call is from Convergent Outsourcing, a debt collector. Please return my call at 877-227-0063.”

    And that was it. Ha!! Yeah, right. As if I will return it to a robot.

  19. Alicia says:

    They are actually a legitimate company if you review the Better Business Bureau: If you research their website from the BBB website, they do have a Houston address that matches what is on your statement.

    • Anita Fowler says:

      This is not the first time I’ve received letters from them. I have an over 800 credit score. I’m not sure how they can be a real legitimate company if I’ve thrown away collections letters from them and my husband and I BOTH have excellent credit scores (his is almost 800 and mine is over). Either they are completely fraudulent, or someone or some company regularly hacks their system and is using their name to send out scam letters.

      Further, if you had read that link you left you would have seen that they are NOT BBB accredited! BBB has had over 1200 complaints in the last three years. This is what the website says, “Additional Complaint Information

      On January 14, 2013, BBB recognized a pattern of complaints from consumers regarding billing and customer service issues. Consumers allege they are billed by Convergent Outsourcing Inc for a debt they do not owe; when they call the creditor, they get confirmation they do not owe anything. Consumers claim they receive numerous calls from Convergent Outsourcing Inc, but when they attempt to return the calls, they cannot reach an operator and must leave a message. Consumers also allege the company will not send a copy of the collection letter when requested.”

  20. Alicia says:

    PS: They often are willing to settle your debt for a lower price. One way you can tell for sure is to pull your credit score and record from a trusted place like Experian or Equifax and it should be able to tell you whether you have a debt in collections or not.

    • Anita Fowler says:

      Yes this is a good way to find out. Or calling the company they say you owe is another one as well. But I’d recommend doing good research and being absolutely certain before paying them.

  21. cath says:

    Wow. I got one of these letters from Convergent Outsourcing this month claiming I owed Paypal $138.81. Letter looks just like the one in the picture but has the Renton address. I’m a pretty savvy person, but also busy and distracted so can’t always remember what I do online. I thought I may have accidentally forgotten to pay something. The amount was small enough so I was almost inclined to pay it to make it go away. I called the number on the notice to ask WHAT transaction this related to, and I got an automated message that asks – If you are calling to remove your phone number press _, for all other calls press _. It was such a weird message that I immediately hung up. Then started googling and found this site. Thank you everyone that contributed to this thread! This is all so infuriating and a massive waste of time.

    • Anita Fowler says:

      You’re welcome! Glad that you didn’t pay it!

      • Trisha Hitt says:


        Do any of you wonder how this company got your current information in order to send a letter?

        Ill tell you how. Experians business section boasts as how they will sell their data to businesses. These businesses include collection agencies. Experian goes on to say that they will inform the collection agencies when a consumer becomes solvent again.

        They are playing both sides of the fence.

        I too got a letter from Convergent. I have never done business with the companies listed but they have my new address.

        Do not pay them a cent.

  22. B. Jones says:

    Received an email from Convergent Outsourcing. At the top it had my name, previous address, last three number of “alleged account number”. In the email they asked that I open the PDF file and complete it with my DOB and SS number. The email was very official and important looking. I did not open the PDF file afraid it could be a virus and googled their name and came across this page. Thank you for all the information. I have blocked their sender email and will move on with my life now. Thanks again. So Watch Your Emails Also!

  23. Barbara Quam says:

    i just received something from Convergent Outsourcing, Inc. it has the last name of the guy i married when i was younger. i haven’t had that last name of 16years. I am thinking this is a scam. i do not intend to pay one cent. And my credit score shows that i have $0 in collections. So i know this is a scam.

  24. J. D. says:

    Just received two letters from Convergent Outsourcing Inc. Both use my informal name which I never use for anything professional or business related (ie opening an account of any kind). One letter claims I owe $1,290.89 to Citibank (never done business with citibank) and the other letter claims I owe $5,680.46 to some business in Nevada called “Household bank (S.B.) N.A”. Never lived in Nevada or opened any accounts there, nor have I ever heard of Household bank.

    Neither of these show up in my credit report. These letters are 100% a scam and they will not be getting any of my money.

    I have to wonder tho, how they contacted me. Had they used my formal name I might have not been as skeptical, or might believe they obtained my information through any business I have had legit dealings with. To send me a letter using the informal use of my name really narrows down how they could have come up with me and get my address.

    In any case beware of this scam people and do not give them any of your money. As stated before, call the original creditor and verify if there is indeed a real account before even contacting these scammers.

  25. John L. Wathen says:

    They are now using robo-calls too. I just got a call from 205 994 7695
    stating I had an outstanding bill with a credit source I do not use.

  26. acal says:

    thanks, got that convergent scam
    wish we could just sue them

  27. Erika says:

    My husband received a mail like this.. so glad I read this and I could give him these information before he called Convergent! (I have insisted with him to call them for a month and luckily he always forgot to call!!) thank you!

  28. Tommy says:

    If you want to sue them, these guys are apparently doing a class action.

  29. Elaine Sims says:

    I just returned from vacation and found a letter from convergent stating that Paypal has sent my acct to their agency for collections. They are obviously still in business doing their sleazy work. I have a Paypal business acct and a credit acct with PP. The credit shows $0.00 balance owed and the $ in the acct belongs to me. This really pisses me off. I don’t know how they are getting my info.

    I won’t be paying them anything!

  30. Linda Lee says:

    I’ve long since known of the reality of scammers, and have myself been targeted by them. But when I received a debt collections notice from a firm by the name of Convergent, I was taken for a minute.

    In my letter, I was advised that I had an outstanding balance with Directv, and that the firm would settle for a specified amount. At that point, I started to question it because (drum roll)…I never used Directv!!! When I phoned them to note this, they stated I would have to fill out some fraud/identity theft paperwork and file a police report. This only made me further suspicious because 1)In American jurisprudence, it is the burden of the accuser to prove their case, so it’s up to them to show I owe the money, and 2)Police reports are not customarily required to absolve oneself of fraudulent debt. Later, after reading some comments here, I realized their recommendations were just a ploy to obtain personal information, through which they could access my bank account and take my money.

    I’m tempted to throw this out, but will check my credit and file a complaint or whatever is necessary. It surprises me, too, that such companies are able to get away with their scams for as long as they do.

  31. molly says:

    Yes!!! Thank you for writing this article! I have been receiving letters from them forever and legitimately thought i had a debt to pay–called Comcast, and turns out, everything was paid in full! DO NOT PAY THESE SCAMMERS A DIME!

  32. Amy Comperatore says:

    My 16 yr old found this for me just as I hung up with Convergent. I never heard of the ppl that say I owe a debt and I am anal about paying bills and have good credit. I am freaking out. I am worried about a scam. I gave my last 4 digits of SS# and my address now. I am freaking out. I am going to call the bank and all of my credit card holders. Thank you for posting this. They say I owe msnbc shopping network I had only ordered from HSN. I didn’t know of that network as I saw only QVC as the other on my cable. They claim it is 2007….isn’t that 7 yrs past yr they can claim anyway??? I always heard it is 7 yrs and then no claim..???
    Someone please let us know…

  33. Elisa says:

    Thank you for this article! They are still at it. Got the “letter” today–debt over 2K to a company we have never used. Good thing we looked at their reviews first, and then found this article to confirm it all. Letter is in the trash. Will not call or bother with them in any way. Done and done. 🙂

  34. T says:

    They’re not just sending letters. I’ve gotten 3 calls from them in the last 2 days. But I don’t answer unknown numbers. Caller ID say Unknown name 803-740-3260 but the message tells me to call some other number. It’s a robot caller and it didn’t recognize that an answering machine picked up instead of a person. Their message this time ran twice which is why I was able to hear it more clearly. That’s how we ended up on this blog-searching for information.

  35. David says:

    My wife received the same letter today. They claimed that she owed 29,000+ dollars for a student loan which is ludicrous as she did not attend college. They offered to settle for $17,000. Definitely this is a scam. Thank you for your webpage.

  36. L says:

    I received a letter just like yours from them today. They say I owe over $9,500, but are willing to settle for $1,400. It looks like they may have purchased a debt that is 12+ years old and has been sold multiple times. Unfortunately, I think Experian informed them that I become solvent again.
    On the back of the letter, they state that because of the age of this debt their client cannot sue me for it and it cannot be reported to any credit reporting agency. Additionally, it states that Convergent Outsourcing, Inc. cannot sue me on this debt. So what is the point in even sending me this letter? They refer to their client, but I’m sure the original creditor has since sold this, or written it off as a loss. So this creditor, Galaxy Asset Purchasing, LLC hopes that I will pay the $1,400 settlement on a debt that they probably purchased for pennies on the dollar?

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