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17 Valentines Day Crafts For Kids – Fun and Inexpensive

17 Valentines Day Crafts For Kids – Fun and Inexpensive

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17 Valentines Day Crafts For Kids – Fun and Inexpensive

Valentine’s Day crafts are so much fun to make with kids. I’ve rounded up these 17 fun and inexpensive Valentine’s Day crafts for kids to help you find the right project for your children.

1. Love Bug – These are fun and inexpensive activities with the kids.

Love Bug

2. Valentine Suncatchers – This is a great painting project with your kids.

Valentine Suncathers

3. Cactus Handprint – Make this cute cactus handprint craft with your adorable little handprints.

Cactus Handprint Valentine's Day Craft

4. Hole Punched Hearts – These are so simple to make.

Hole Punched Hearts

5. Thumbprint Love Tree – Cute, inexpensive, and easy to make.

Thumbprint Love Tree

6. Valentine’s String Heart – These Valentine’s string heart crafts were simple, inexpensive, and fun to make with kids.

Heart String Valentine's Day Crafts

7. Heart Wreath – Simple and fun that toddlers and kids can do easily.

Heart Wreath

8. Paper Roll Heart Mouse – It’s a super easy Valentine craft. 

Paper Roll Heart

9. Mosaic Heart – This is super fun to do with your kids.

Mosaic Heart

10. Paper Plate Love Birds – Using just a few supplies, this love bird craft is perfect for Valentine’s Day craft for kids and toddlers.

Paper Plate Love Birds

11. Heart Windsock – These are fun and simple to make.

Heart Windsock

12. Salt Dough Conversation Hearts – A simple craft that kids and adults can do.

Salt Dough Conversation Heart

13. Hanging Glitter Hearts – Glittery hearts are made from recycled materials.

Glitter Hanging Hearts

14. Unicorn Paper Plate – This is super cute and easy to make.

Unicorn Paper Plate

15. Candy Heart Wreath – This is so cute, affordable, and easy to make.

Candy Heart Wreath

16. Roll-Up Valentine Wreath – It is easy and very decorative.

Valentine Wreath

17. Butterfly Valentine – Quick and easy Valentine’s day craft. 

Butterly Valentine

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17 Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids - Fun and Inexpensive


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