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Audiobooks I Listened to in February 2023

Audiobooks I Listened to in February 2023

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Audiobooks I Listened to in February 2023

In 2022, I listened to over 250 audiobooks. If interested you can click the link to see which ones I read last year.

In the future, I’m going to post the audiobooks that I listen to each month. Posting the audiobooks I listen to helps me keep track of the books I’ve read and I get to share what I liked with others.

January 2023 Audiobooks

In February, I listened to all new books that I had never read before and it made for an entertaining month.

Listening to audiobooks helps me do boring tasks like laundry, dishes, etc. without getting bored.

I learn quite a bit as I go about my day so listening is definitely to books is something that has a positive influence on me.

Also, I usually listen to them at 2X speed to get through more content. 

I’d highly recommend all of the books that I listened to this month. 

I listened to and loved the Inheritance Series by Christopher Paolini. The books are hours long, even on 2x fast mode some were 20 hours long, so, the series kept me very entertained throughout the month of February.

I am a big fan of Tolkien’s books, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, and I felt that even though Christopher Paolini does create his own world, this series was similar to The Lord of the Rings as it had elves, dwarves, humans, and other creatures in it. I’d highly recommend listening if you like this type of fantasy novel. 

Inheritance Series by Christopher Paolini

  1. Eragon (2003) 
  2. Eldest (2005)
  3. Brisingr (2008)
  4. Inheritance (2011)
  5. Tales from AlagaësiaThe Fork, the Witch, and the Worm (2018)

I’m very excited about the audiobook that is coming to the Inheritance Series on November 7, 2023, called Murtagh: The World of Eragon.

When I like a book, I will sometimes read the author’s notes on how they were inspired to write a book, etc. I read that Christopher Paolini was inspired to write Eragon after seeing an illustration of Jeremy with his dragon egg from the book, Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher. So I read that book as well.

My son is in the fourth grade and the book was part of the kids’ curriculum this year, so, just an FYI this is more of an elementary kids’ chapter book, but it was good.

  1. Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Hatcher by Bruce Coville

I was asked to volunteer at the elementary and I signed up to review Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Hatcher with the kids. To make it more entertaining, I did an activity where the kids unwrapped a cellophane ‘dragon egg’. Each student got to unroll the cellophane until they found a Jolly Rancher, then they stopped unraveling it and passed it on. When it was their turn to unroll the cellophane, they shared a part of the book (we went in chronological order) that they remembered. There was a small dragon in the center of the cellophane ‘dragon egg’ and so they got to hatch a toy dragon. It was a great way to review the book.

February was full of tales of fantasy and dragons. To balance it out a bit, I listened to another audiobook that I absolutely loved as well.

  1. The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah 

I really LOVED The Great Alone, I couldn’t stop listening to it and ended up staying up far too late into the night to listen to the end. Kristin Hannah captures life in the wild of Alaska while leading the reader through the tumultuous life of a young girl in an abusive home. I should note that it may be triggering for someone who has been or is in an abusive relationship. However, the end was so uplifting and it was so well written that I’ll be listening to other books by Kristin Hannah.

If you are looking for more recommendations feel free to read these lists as well.

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In 2022, I listened to over 250 audiobooks. If interested you can click the link to see which ones I read last year.

Happy Listening!!

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Audiobooks I Listened to in February 2023


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