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14 Easy Ways to Save Big on Prescriptions

14 Easy Ways to Save Big on Prescriptions

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Most American families have at least one prescription. In fact, studies show that Americans spend over $400 Billion on prescriptions a year. That breaks down to $1,300 a person! That number is mind boggling to me. Luckily, my family is blessed with great health so we don’t have to fill prescriptions regularly.

However, at times I do have to go to the pharmacy. I go when our pediatrician writes a prescription for sicknesses and other ailments. Usually, we get antibiotics, ointments, etc., and the cost does add up.

After reading about the insane expense most are incurring due to prescriptions, I thought it would be helpful to do some research and share ways that Americans can save money on them. So, whether you have regular prescriptions to fill or just get medicine on a need-to-have basis, here are 14 money-saving tips for you.

  1. Know your insurance benefits. If you don’t, give them a call to ask. This can empower you with information that will save you a lot of money.

  2. Ask if the generic drug is cheaper. According to the FDA the generic brand is often 80-85% cheaper.

  3. Look for high-value coupons that award you with a gift card if you switch prescriptions from one pharmacy to the next. Often they give you $30.00 gift cards for groceries if you switch your prescription.

  4. Download the SearchRX App. This app does the searching, price matching, and coupon finding for you for FREE! You simply download the app and SearchRX will search over 62,000 pharmacies for the cheapest drug you need in your area. They will also show you coupons, etc. for it.

    14 Easy Ways to Save Big on Prescriptions

    So next time you are in the doctor’s office and he asks you which pharmacy you’d like to use, do a quick search in the SearchRX app and it will tell you the cheapest option! SearchRX app does not require insurance; no fees or signups are required either! The way they are able to do what they do is they have a leading benefit manager who inputs all data on prescription pricing and coupons. Often they are able to beat the copay price and save you even more money! Get the app for free here. I quickly searched for a prescription I fill once in a blue moon in my area and in less than a minute I was able to compare prices at 30+ pharmacies!

    You’ll see that had I gone to Costco, I would have paid close to $200 more for it than at Walmart. This isn’t always the case. I searched other RX’s and the stores vary. SearchRX isn’t insurance and can’t be used as insurance, but it is very useful for those who are uninsured or have high deductibles/copays. IMG_7602 IMG_7601 I’m so excited about this app!

  5. If the SearchRX shows that Costco pharmacy is cheapest, use them. You don’t have to be a paying member to get the cost benefits in the wholesale pharmacies.

  6. Once you are at the pharmacy ask them if there is an additional discount on ordering 30-90 day supply in advance for regular prescriptions.

  7. Always be insured. Getting insurance is expensive, but there are ways to save on it as well. I have a post on how to save thousands on medical expenses here.

  8. Ask your doctor what/if there are other medicine options out there for the same ailment. If there are, search the SearchRX app and/or contact your health insurance to see which would be cheapest/best for you.

  9. If it’s a brand-name drug, your doctor may have samples for you to try out first and for free to see if there are any negative side effects before filling an entire prescription. Note that often the brand-name drug is the more expensive, so this may not be cost-effective in the long run.

  10. See if you qualify for Medicare, Medicaid, and ExtraHelp (RX assistance for lower income).

  11. Store medicine properly (not in a moisture-rich environment), or you may open the bottle and see the pills are ruined.

  12. If there is an over-the-counter alternative, such as with allergy medication, compare prices to see which will save you the most.

  13. If you know you will be using a lot of prescriptions (i.e. if you are diabetic and need insulin regularly, etc.), choose a medical plan with the lowest RX deductible to save big time.

  14. Practice good health strategies. Be preventative about your health. Keeping good tabs on your health will prevent the need for some prescriptions. Eating Veggies, Fruits, lean protein, complex carbs, taking needed supplements, and working out regularly can help a lot in the long run on prescription costs.

Oh and remember to download the SearchRX app to get the best prices, coupons, and benefits in your area.


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This blog post was sponsored by SearchRX all opinions are 100% mine.

14 Easy Ways to Save Big on Prescriptions


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Friday 1st of February 2019

You can also print a discount card at refundsweepers to use at the drug stores. I print it and reuse it since I don't have a smart phone to do the apps.