How to Become a Financial New You

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This post was sponsored, and paid for, by SunTrust. All opinions are my own.

Money can be a tough subject for some people. A lot of people live paycheck to paycheck. Others have disasters or unfortunate events befall them (family death, divorce, natural disaster, etc.), some go through a time of incurring additional expenses (marriage, baby, remodel), or others may unfortunately become limited in their earning capacity (injury, illness, etc.). Some are doing great but would like to know how to do better. Ultimately, we all can improve—including me.

I just recently purchased a home and remodeled it. If that isn't a major cost, I don't know what is. I've tried to be very frugal throughout the remodel—doing much of the work myself. I've searched on classifieds for supplies that cost less than buying them new. I've used lots of coupons. I have bought used tools and 'jimmy-rigged' things I had around the house instead of buying new. I have found ways to get things done for less. When we couldn't do a job ourselves I had multiple bids done and saved a lot that way. I've worked very hard daily for months now. Now that the remodel is finally coming to a close, I want to reassess my financial situation and get back into a normal day-to-day living and spending routine.

In order to get myself back in the saddle, I've decided to take the SunTrust onUp Challenge

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I really like the onUp Challenge course. I started sharing with you about SunTrust's onUp Movement when it launched in 2016. Now as part of their Movement, SunTrust has launched the onUp Challenge, a fun and interactive experience to provide us all with actionable steps to achieve financial confidence. Whether you're focused on creating a budget, buying a home or saving for retirement, the onUp Challenge can help you do all of those things.

I have actually worked the program and have learned/re-learned a lot. There are seven lands within The onUp Challenge. I got to explore these different lands. I learned about a lot of different investment and retirement options and used a free calculator when I visited 'Wealth Waterfall'. My visit to Risky River reminded me of the importance of having insurance (I'm so blessed to have it) and to create an Estate Plan.

At the onUp Challenge Home Buying Hollow land I learned a lot about renovations. Although, we are finishing ours up, I learned a lot. I'm glad that I have followed a lot of tips they mention, but ultimately gained a lot from my visit to Home Buying Hollow.

The course is fun. The onUp Challenge does a wonderful job of making monitoring, and managing money straightforward and fun. I really like this course they put together—oh and did I mention that it is free? So far, many people have taken a step toward financial confidence by participating in the onUp Movement.

I began taking it and really have enjoyed the ease of understanding the information. It's helping me get into gear for the New Year. I'm becoming a financial 'new me'. This is something I really need to buckle down and do especially because the renovation and Christmas were very expensive and are now complete.

The New Year is an awesome time to recommit to making good financial decisions. After checking out the onUp Challenge I'm re-committing to doing better financially, you can too.

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How to Become a Financial New You