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How Furthering Your Education Can Be Cost Effective, Convenient, and Attainable.

How Furthering Your Education Can Be Cost Effective, Convenient, and Attainable.

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How Furthering Your Education Can Be Cost Effective, Convenient, and Attainable.

My great grandfather, great grandmother, my grandmother, my mom, and I span four generations. All of us have graduated from a university or similar schooling. We all really value education and working hard to attain a degree. My ancestors really had to work hard, make sacrifices, and be strong in order to attain an education.

In fact, in the late 1880’s my great grandmother who went by ‘Tutu’ lived over 2 hours away via horse and buggy from her high school. After graduating from the 8th grade she had to room and board in a different town at a young age just to accomplish her high school education. After attaining her high school diploma, she moved again to a town further from her family and attended a teaching college. She completed her courses and became a teacher. Her husband attended a university that was a ways away from his town as well.

My grandma who looked up to and cherished her mother decided she wanted to be a teacher too. She graduated from a university in the north-west part of the country. Her degree was vital to her family as she was divorced with 4 children a large portion of her life.

With her teaching degree she taught school for many years and was able to support her family of five and benefit countless children she taught. My grandmother was a very strong woman and extremely grateful that she had her degree so that she was able to provide for her family on her own. She finished her career strong and benefited from a solid retirement plan as well.

Learning from my grandmother and great grandparent’s examples my mom had a strong desire to get her degree as well. My great grandparents started a school fund for her when she was very young. Because of this fund my mother was able to attend a university to attain a degree as well. She graduated in theater education with a minor in speech. She has used her degree to teach thousands of children how to act, appreciate theatrics, and has also taught or substituted at public and private schools and Daycares. Her love and knowledge for the theatrics has been a huge blessing for those who have been taught by her.

I graduated at a local university with a degree in International Studies at age 20 and a desire to become an international lawyer or diplomat. Life isn’t always as straightforward as we sometimes plan. It has its twists and turns. I ended up traveling extensively, becoming a mom, blogging, and now I am an author.

Despite the fact that my life would follow a different path than I originally thought, I have never regretted attaining my Bachelors of Science degree. In fact, I have always been extremely grateful for it! Having a degree helped me to get hired and paid better even though many of my jobs were not directly related to my degree. It has been a very powerful accomplishment in my life.

Looking back at my family history I realize how vital education is for us, for our children, our societies, and for future generations.

Getting your degree has never been easier. Unlike our ancestors we don’t have to uproot our lives, take a horse and buggy 2 hours plus to learn, or save for a lifetime to be able to afford it. Online universities and local community colleges have made it super convenient and affordable to further your career. The affect of education can improve your life, your family, community, and span generations!

Looking into rates and services is very important.

How Furthering Your Education Can Be Cost Effective, Convenient, and Attainable.

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