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How to Make a Ballerina Tulle Crib Skirt

How to Make a Ballerina Tulle Crib Skirt

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How to Make a Crib Skirt Out of Tulle

When decorating my soon-to-be daughter’s nursery (see nursery here). I wanted to add a feminine touch to the otherwise somewhat-gender-neutral space. Thus, I decided to add a Ballerina skirt made out of tulle.

It was much easier and went faster than I thought.

All you need is tulle and scissors.

You will need 1/2 yard of tulle for every crib bar (depending on the crib). If the crib bars are far apart you may want to run a ribbon or rope around and tie the tulle to that. Our crib (Graco Lauren) only needed 2 layers of tulle per bar.

We bought 14 yards x 54 inches of coral tulle and 14 yards x 54 inches of turquoise tulle. My mom and I folded it so we could easily cut it into 14ths (without having to make 14 different cuts). Here is a great deal on a bolt of 54 inches x 40 yards of tulle.

Then we cut each piece/yard in half. We ended up with 28 strips of coral and turquoise (56 in total) of tulle. How to Make a Crib Skirt Out of Tulle

We took the tulle strips and simply double knotted them on each bar. We adjusted/raised up the tulle to the level we wanted to have it at and it stayed because we tied the knots securely.

How to Make a Crib Skirt Out of Tulle

Then we tied the other color right underneath to add a bit of contrast and fullness.


We used tulle to make the crib canopy as well (see tutorial here).


Here is a side view of what is looks like with the rest of the nursery.


It was very easy, quick, and inexpensive!


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Dinah Ackerson

Sunday 17th of April 2016

I am serious! Hope your daughter won't be able to pull the pink tulle down, wrap it around her neck and strangle herself. Babies are surprisingly strong.

Anita Fowler

Friday 22nd of April 2016

It's never been a problem. She is 18 months now. She's never touched the Tulle and for the longest time it was out of reach. I wish you the best!