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How to Make a Fondant Cake For Beginners

How to Make a Fondant Cake For Beginners

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I’ve never used fondant until last week. And to be honest I have always been a little scared to try it. But I decided to give it a whirl when I was out shopping for my daughter’s first birthday and I found this multi pack of different colors of fondant on sale.

It wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be. And although it didn’t turn out perfect, now having worked with fondant I am less nervous—maybe even a little excited—to use it again.

Here’s how I made it…

How to Make a Fondant Cake For Beginners

1- Make the cake. I used a small cake and would highly suggest you do the same for practice until you are ready to work with a larger cake. I got a 6″ round pan from Wilton and used that as my mini cake. Grease and flour pan well so it will come out easily. Once cooled, set on a cake stand. I used this inexpensive yet awesome stand here.

2- Make the frosting. Fondant needs to sit on frosting. I HIGHLY recommend using this vanilla bean frosting as it holds its shape really well (shown on the cupcake pictured below) and is to die for taste-wise. Once the cake is cool, frost it.

How to Make a Fondant Cake For Beginners

3- Prepare the rolling area. Get a rolling pin and a non stick surface ready. Corn starch works better than powdered sugar to prevent sticking—according to a YouTube video I watched—, but using these non stick silicone mats made it so I didn’t need any of either.

4- Microwave each unwrapped package of fondant separately. I put the fondant in a bowl and microwaved it for about 15 seconds—or until the center was a little warm (it heats from the inside out). Then I began needing it, twisting it, etc. to get it stretched out. While it was still warm (cool fondant is difficult to work with) I rolled it out with a rolling pin.

5. Once the fondant was big enough to cover the cake and sides, I gently set it on top and then went around and cut the edges off of the bottom with a knife.

6. To camouflage imperfections along the base, I warmed and rolled the other three colors of fondant into balls and placed them on the cake using the vanilla bean frosting.

7. I topped the cake off with a star candle and was finished.

How to Make a Fondant Cake For Beginners

It took me about 30 minutes to frost and cover this cake—not bad for my first time using fondant. I hope it goes well for you too!

Supplies used:

6″ round pan from Wilton

non stick silicone mats and/or cornstarch to prevent sticking

multi pack of colors fondant

cake stand

Rolling pin

Cake- I used this cake mix

Vanilla bean frosting

candle or other decorations



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How to Make a Fondant Cake For Beginners


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Roseann Hampton

Friday 3rd of February 2017

You've made it look easy! I might have to give this a try!


Friday 11th of December 2015

Very cool - thanks for sharing! Fondant has always seemed awfully intimidating to me but now I'm thinking it's something I might *actually* be able to do :) Fondant is so PRETTY.

Anita Fowler

Friday 11th of December 2015

Thanks for the comment, yes I've felt the same way but was way surprised at how easy it is to work with! I agree, fondant is very pretty :)


Thursday 10th of December 2015

This looks so cute! Thanks for sharing!

Anita Fowler

Friday 11th of December 2015

You're welcome. Thanks for the comment.