Quick, Inexpensive, and Easy Neighbor Christmas Gifts for 64

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A few years ago I wrote a post: 27 neighbor gifts in 27 minutes-found here. It has been very popular. I think it has been such a hit because it is a neighbor gift idea that is easy, inexpensive, and fast.


Well, we have now lived in our house for a few more years and we have over doubled the neighbors and friends that we know. I counted up that we had 64 neighbors to deliver Christmas gifts to. When you have a lot of neighbors that you want to include on your Christmas gift list, things can become expensive and time consuming. Yet, almost unbelievably, I shopped, put together, and delivered 64 neighbor gifts in under 64 minutes!!

Here's how:


First, I bought candy nut cups, Life Savers, and Avery labels off of Amazon. It took 5 minutes to order with my Prime account and they arrived within two days. Plus it was only about $25.00!


When the labels arrived, I went to the Avery website, plugged in the ID number of the label and used their pre-made template and Christmas icons.

Then I typed up a couple of messages and printed them out.


IMPORTANT- The reason I used two small labels (one for the saying and the other for our name), is because the cups are round and the labels are not. Smaller labels work better on round surfaces, larger ones that would fit both the message and our names would curve too much and wouldn't fit the cups well.

The saying we used is, "May you have a wonderful Christmas celebrating the ultimate "Life Savers" birth." On the other label we said, "With Love, The Fowler Family."

Because I've used the Avery program before, and it's easy to use, I was done in 5-10 minutes.


Then a friend and I put the labels on the front and back of the cups. We did this before we left the house. With us both sticking them on, it took under 4 minutes.

Then we took the cups (pre labeled) and the bags of mints (not yet stuffed into the cups) and got in the truck.


My friend ran around the gifts as I drove.

When I was waiting for my friend to get done running to each house I was stuffing the cups. It worked great. I put the stacks of cups in the drink holders. Once they were filled with Life Savers, I set them on the center console. I was able to stay ahead in stuffing because I could usually make about four cups for every two houses delivered.

If there was a great distance between homes, my friend would jump in and stuff cups with Life Savers while I was driving to the next house. This took about 45 minutes.

So in under one hour we had 64 neighbor gifts bought, created, and delivered! Better yet, they only cost $25.00.

I hope this has been a helpful idea that will make your Christmas season less hectic, less expensive, and more enjoyable.


Supply List

Candy Nut cups

2 Life Saver Wint O Green Bags (50 ounce) we stuffed the life savers in pretty good and barely had enough. So I would stuff loosely if you are going to try to stretch two bags for 64 candy nut cups or order three bags. The Life Savers are really good so having extras would be nice!

Avery Return address labels in white


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