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Peter Rabbit Baby Shower

Peter Rabbit Baby Shower

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I just adore Peter Rabbit and his siblings Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cotton Tail. Beatrix Potter (the author) was an amazing woman who had a fairly difficult life. Ever since reading the book as a little girl, I’ve liked it, but it wasn’t until Amazon (here) and has 4.75 stars out of 710 reviews! It’s a family movie that is appropriate for all ages. that I came to love it!

This movie is incredible! It’s on Amazon (here) and has 4.75 stars out of 710 reviews! It’s a family movie that is appropriate for all ages. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it.

Peter Rabbit Baby Shower

So my recent love of Peter Rabbit, coupled with a gift from my mom for my son, inspired this shower theme. This could also work as a birthday party, or an Easter party as well.

Peter Rabbit Baby Shower

First I got the table cloth at a thrift store for $4.00 which was perfect. Then I got two yellow Dollar Tree table cloths and hung them from my ceiling. This is actually my counter top that the treats etc. are sitting on.

I recommend using lots of veggies on the display. Using typical garden veggies that are different colors and textures adds to the decor. Also, if you can add height with carrots and celery it makes for a more attractive look.

Peter Rabbit Baby Shower

Make use of books. Since the party is based on the book I thought it would be cute to add Peter Rabbit or other similar books. They don’t have to be Beatrix Potter’s works either. If they fit the time frame, colors, or look, then they are great. My mom gave my son this book/bunny combo found here. My son loves this Quack Quack with Peter Rabbit book (it makes a quacking sound) which you can get here .

The third book ‘Colors Everywhere’ is not a Peter Rabbit book per se but the colors and style matched and there is a rabbit on the front so I thought it went really well. I don’t remember where I got it, but you can find it here.

Peter Rabbit Baby Shower

If you have stuffed bunnies, great. If not you could try to borrow some. I borrowed two bunnies, had the one Peter Rabbit bunny, and bought two bunnies: the display bunny at Michael’s and the little tiny bunny at Dollar Tree.

Peter Rabbit Baby Shower

My wonderful neighbor offered to bring something so I asked her to make carrot cake cupcakes. We scooped out a little in the middle and cut a little off the bottom of a rabbit peep. We then put the peep inside the cupcake so it was peeking out like a rabbit hole. I made frosting and set it to the side on the table with drinks and plates, etc. The guests frosted their own cupcakes.

Peter Rabbit Baby Shower

I got these cute little cabbages at Michael’s, six for a dollar, in their bin. SHHH, they were supposed to be roses, but I thought they looked a whole lot more like mini cabbages. I also got these wax fabric diapers from my own baby shower and reused them (after washing) and put carrots inside. If you’d like to see how to make these here is a tutorial on another blog that explains how.

Peter Rabbit Baby Shower

Next, I got these little seedling planter pots at the Dollar Tree, twelve for $1.00, and some fake carrots at Michael’s. I used the Planter pots for decor and also (since they were brand new) I put cotton candy in them – also only $1.00 at Dollar Tree. Side note: cotton candy has to be in an air tight container. It drys out and compacts extremely fast. Don’t set it out until 15 minutes before guests arrive.

Peter Rabbit Baby Shower

I took Circus peanuts and cut them in 3rds or 4ths to make a carrot shape. Then I got a piece of green licorice and made tiny little slices. I used a toothpick to make a hole in the top of the ‘carrots’ and stuck the licorice in as the carrot stem. Both items can be found for $1.00 each at the Dollar Tree.

Peter Rabbit Baby Shower

And I made this burlap banner (instructions found here).

Peter Rabbit Baby Shower

I gave a little favor out to each guest with a rabbit peep, a few circus peanuts, and some green licorice (representing celery).

At the shower, we made the mom-to-be a door hanger out of scrapbook paper that says, “Please Knock the Baby is Sleeping” and used contact paper to laminate it. We also each wrote a note to her about something we admire about her (to inspire and uplift her on a tough day). And finally, we made her an A-Z baby book out of scrapbook paper. Each person was in charge of 2 letters. For example, the first person had letters A and B and they drew a picture or cut something out of scrapbooking paper to represent A (like an apple) on the one side and then B (like a boat on the other).

After everyone was done we covered each side with contact paper and two hole punched it and put two rings on it to make it a book.

That was it. If you can believe it this cost me less than $50.00. You can read about how to create a nice looking shower for under $50.00 here.

Peter Rabbit Baby Shower


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