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Pumpkin Truck Tablescape

Pumpkin Truck Tablescape

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This was a fun Pumpkin Truck Tablescape that I put together for Thanksgiving.

Pumpkin Truck Tablescape for Thanksgiving

I love the pumpkin truck decor that is everywhere these days. It is so darling! So, I decided to make a little table centerpiece using it.

I also like to do a kids’ tablescape when I host dinners for our family at our home for holidays. I think it makes it special for children to have a cute space of their own.

Pumpkin Truck Tablescape Supply List

Straw hay bales (small)

Straw hay bales (medium)

Small artificial pumpkins

Diesel toy truck with flat bed

Medium sized pumpkins

Mini sisal hedgehog

Pumpkin Farm truck clipart

Strawman/ scarecrow

Orange pipe cleaner

mini berries

mod podge

foam brush

glue gun and sticks

dried floral/plants (picked from my yard).

How to Make This Pumpkin Truck Kid’s Tablescape

See video and/or continue reading…


I took an old toy truck and upgraded it to look like a harvest pumpkin hauler.

Turn this old truck to look like harvest pumpkin hauler

We have had this toy truck for close to 8 years, surprisingly it is still being sold at Walmart (link in the supply list).

Pumpkin Truck Tablescape

Since the stickers were almost worn off anyway, I decided to paint over them.

Next, I glued “Pumpkin Farm” over the existing dinosaur stickers that were on the sides of the truck.

I did this using Mod Podge with foam brushes.

I also mod podged’s the clipart of a pumpkin truck onto the toy truck sides as well. These stickers were a bit trickier to hide. I had to experiment with my printing scale/size to get the truck to cover them and yet not be too large.

I realize the ‘decals’ are not super professional looking, but it turned out cute enough.

My daughter and I turned the hauler’s hat into farmer’s straw hat.

We coated it with mod podge and then sprinkled the hat with straw pieces.

Then I made a mini pumpkin wreath for the grill of the pumpkin truck. 

I did this by shaping an orange pipe cleaner into a circle and glueing on some floral foliage and mini berries/pumpkins (see video). 

I glued the wreath onto the grill of the pumpkin truck.

I filled the back of the truck with a small hay bale, mini pumpkins, and a hedgehog sisal animal.

I took a medium hay bale and put it on the table. 

I added this, “Hello Pumpkin”, sign that I got at Dollar Tree as well as 3 pumpkins I had.

I added this cute scarecrow that I got from a thrift store many years ago.

Finally, I arranged everything so it looked as if the pumpkins were spilling out of the truck as the hedgehog climbed among them.

This was free to put together since I used what I already had in my fall decor bin and improvised the rest. Utilizing what I already have to decorate with is something I try to do as it obviously saves me money.

Although, I didn’t spend anything additional on this tablescape, I did link to many similar items in the supply list above so readers can make something similar if desired. 

This tablescape came together quickly; I put about 15 minutes into it (including the truck’s transformation).

I love setting aside a table for kids and making their tablescapes fun and cute; this Pumpkin Truck Tablescape accomplished that.

—Happy Feasting!


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Pumpkin Truck Tablescape - Fun Table Decor For A Fall Gathering.


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