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Natural and Simplistic Thanksgiving Tablescape

Natural and Simplistic Thanksgiving Tablescape

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I put together this Natural and Simplistic Thanksgiving Tablescape for our guests this year. 

I enjoy doing different tablescapes for holiday get togethers each year. Scroll down below to see some of my other Thanksgiving tablescapes I’ve made. 

This year, I wanted to keep the Harvest Tablescape simple and natural looking.

Here are 5 Tips on Creating a Natural and Simplistic Thanksgiving Tablescape

1- Use a muted or neutral color pallet. Nothing says, ‘natural’ more than use of earth tones. 

2- Use nature derived materials: burlap, wood, metal, glass, straw, real floral stems, etc.

3- Keep decor minimalistic. Don’t clutter too many items onto the table.

4- Leave good line of sight across the table in all directions. This gives an unhindered flow to sight and conversation.

5- Use light, airy, and/or clear objects. Using see-through decorations makes a tablescape feel lighter, more airy, and more simplistic.

Supply List for this Natural and Simplistic Thanksgiving Tablescape

wide burlap runner/ribbon (~12″ wide)

orange burlap runner/ribbon (~6″ wide) cut the same length as the natural-colored burlap runner.

wood bead pumpkins 

dried floral stems (picked from my yard)

wood pumpkin and acorn vases (Dollar Tree)

variety of candles (Dollar Tree)

Thankful sign in metal (Dollar Tree)

table and chairs 

white tablecloths

How to Put Together This Natural and Simplistic Thanksgiving Tablescape

Put down white tablecloths as the base of the the tablescape.

Add a natural-colored burlap runner (about 12″ wide) down the middle of the table. 

Layer orange burlap ribbon (6″ wide) on the natural burlap.

Measure and cut it so the runner hangs the same length as the tablecloths on either side of the table. 

Start with a centerpiece and work out from that.

I made a wood bead wire pumpkin and placed a harvest candle I had inside. Then I added a metal thankful sign I got at Dollar Tree.

Place an odd number of wood vases (I bought mine at Dollar Tree) and add dried floral stems to them. 

I picked the stems I used in my yard. I’ve seen similar dried floral stems to these on many public trails and in local parks.


Place matching candles (shades of tan, gold, orange, and brown) throughout the Natural and Simplistic Thanksgiving Tablescape.

The acorn candles were a great find (Dollar Tree) because they matched the acorn wood vases.

Make an odd number of wood bead metal wire pumpkins (tutorial here) and place them throughout the tablescape.

Odd numbers are great for decor. I used an odd number of pumpkins, candles, and vases on my Thanksgiving tablescape to add interest.

I made 3 large wood bead wire pumpkins and 2 small.


Total Cost for this Natural and Simplistic Thanksgiving Tablescape. 

The dried floral stems, white table cloths, tables, chairs, burlap and big candle had been purchased well before I put this together. The wood bead wire pumpkins cost me $15.00 to make all 5 ($3.00 each). The Dollar Tree candles and wood vases/cut outs cost $14.00. Total spent was $29.00.


And that is all that is needed to make this Natural and Simplistic Thanksgiving Tablescape. I hope this gives you some ideas for your Fall or Thanksgiving dinner decor!


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Natural and Simplistic Thanksgiving Tablescape



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