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Valentine’s Day Heart Coir Doormat

Valentine’s Day Heart Coir Doormat

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Valentine’s Day Heart Coir Doormat

This is an easy, quick, and kid-friendly Valentine’s Day doormat that is cute, useful, and fun. My daughters and I made this doormat together. 

Valentine's Day Heart Coir Doormat

If your kids are like mine, they will love painting hearts on a doormat.

I like to switch out my front door decorations each holiday and make them different each year.

This year, I used white pampas grass in my planters and a white pampas wreath I had. I added sprigs of red and white hearts to the planters and the wreath to make them ‘Valentine’s Day themed’.

So, I made/designed this doormat to match. I knew that I wanted red and white hearts to match the sprigs but I also wanted to throw in a little pink as well.

Valentine's Day Heart Coir Doormat

Thus, the pink hearts. 

Valentine's Day Heart Coir Doormat

I love the way it turned out. It is modern like the rest of my decor but also fun and elegant.

Valentine's Day Heart Coir Doormat

This is How to Make a Valentine’s Day Heart Coir Doormat

Continue reading and/or watch the video on this page.

My daughter was so sweet to narrate the video as I have a sore throat and cold right now.


1- Purchase a blank coir doormat. 

2- Get the other supplies ready which I’ve linked to in the supply list below. You’ll need foam paint brushes, paper bowls, heart cookie cutter shapes in 3 different sizes, and outdoor acrylic paint in the colors, white, red, and pink.

3- If desired, you can lay out the pattern beforehand, but we just decided where to put the hearts as we painted.

4- Hold the cookie cutter down and do not lift off as you paint the entire heart. If you do lift on the cookie cutter while you are painting, the paint could run underneath the edge and make the heart bleed. 

5- Dab the paint, don’t brush. With this material coyya, it is highly absorbent and to avoid having to do multiple coats of paint, just give it a good heavy coat the first time by dabbing the paint down onto it. 

6- At the very end we touched up a few areas that needed more paint.

7- When done, let the paint dry. I put this mat on our heating vent overnight and in the morning it was completely dry.

8-Now you have a cute doormat for Valentine’s Day. 

If you are wondering if this type of doormat will hold up, they do.

I have painted many, many doormats and mine have done well through rain, snow, sunshine, and dirt. This said, I usually only leave mine out about 3-4 months of the year. I often switch my mats up. However, they look brand new after 3-4 months of outdoor use and have had multiple rotations so, they should last pretty long under normal weather conditions.

If you do not intend on switching your painted mat out I’d highly recommend you purchase the Krylon clear coating spray (linked to below). It is UV-resistant and moisture blocking and give your mat a few coats of it (follow manufacturer instructions). This will aid your doormat in lasting longer.

Note- It is important to use outdoor paint when you plan on using the doormat outdoors.

Valentine's Day Heart Coir Doormat

Supply List and Cost for this Valentine’s Day Heart Coir Doormat

Coir outdoor mat. I used an 18×30 Traffic Master Mat. I read many reviews on these and found they were best for price and quality. Home Depot carriers Traffic Master. I had a coupon so I got the mat for $9.00.

Foam paint brushes (when I use outdoor paint I just toss these when done) cost= .54

Exterior/Outdoor acrylic craft paint. The exact brand I used is called Craft Smart red, pink, and white. I had the paint but I probably used about $2.00 worth.

3 paper bowls or paper plates cost .20 cents

3 Heart-shaped cookie cutters in 3 different sizes. I had these on hand.  If you don’t have heart cookie cutters and/or what to try printing and cutting out hearts and painting them that way, I do have a free download with heart shapes here…

Digital Download Size 1 heart and Sizes 2, 3, and 4 hearts. I traced out size 3 for my doormat.

Optional- Krylon Clear Coating spray UV-resistant and moisture blocking I did not use this.

Total cost $11.75 which isn’t bad for a customized doormat.

Valentine's Day Heart Coir Doormat


I hope you have enjoyed this Valentine’s Day Heart Coir Doormat tutorial.



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Valentine's Day Heart Coir Doormat


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