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47 Practical, Quick, and Easy Lunch Ideas

47 Practical, Quick, and Easy Lunch Ideas

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47 Practical, Quick, and Easy Lunch Ideas

Most days I totally disregard lunch until I’m hungry. At that point, I usually just look into the fridge to see what I can find… usually I don’t find much.

I’ve often thought that having a list of practical, quick, and easy lunches would be a great resource for me to look over when I’m stumped on what to make. As a result, I have compiled a list of 47 practical, quick, easy, and inexpensive lunches to choose from whenever I really don’t know what to have for lunch. Feel free to pin this, print it or just refer back to it when you are wondering what to make for lunch as well.

It was perfect that I created this list because today at Target while I was shopping for lunch items I noticed that they are having a huge sale on Kraft cheeses from 9/14/14-9/20/14!! Buy 5 select Kraft Cheese products for $10!

There are sooo many combinations, lunches, and meals that can be made with Kraft cheese (as you’ll see in my list below). So now is a great time to head over to Target and stock up!

Here is a link to the Target weekly circular/ad that shows the amazing Kraft deal they have going on. Stock up now so you can make the lunch ideas below!

47 Practical, Quick, and Easy Lunch Ideas

  1. homemade lunchables
  2. paninis
  3. deli or hoggie sandwiches
  4. personal pizzas
  5. hamburgers
  6. fajitas sprinkled with cheese
  7. Spinach artichoke dip with baquegtte
  8. Bagel smeared with cream cheese and heated very shortly in a microwave (one of my personal favorites)
  9. cheese or chicken quesadillas
  10. veggie personal pizza
  11. grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup
  12. macaroni and cheese
  13. chips and dip
  14. Lots of different types of green salads
  15. cheeseball and crackers and veggies
  16. tacos
  17. banana with peanut butter or with PB2
  18. green smoothies
  19. chimichangas
  20. tomatoes smothered with melted mozzarella cheese (another one of my favorites)
  21. peaches and cottage cheese
  22. hot dogs
  23. tuna melt (tuna fish salad with melted cheese on bread)
  24. pasta salad
  25. been and cheese burritos
  26. chicken salad sandwich
  27. fruit parfait mixed with greek yogurt
  28. wontons or potstickers with this amazing Asian dipping sauce
  29. peanut butter or almond butter with jelly or honey sandwich
  30. fruit smoothies aka homemade Jamba Juice
  31. nutella sandwiches
  32. healthy and filling cold cereals
  33. premade frozen meals or leftovers
  34. Chocolate peanut butter protien meal replacement shake
  35. celery with peanut butter and raisins
  36. homemade or pre-made soup
  37. turkey or veggie wrap
  38. bagel or croissant sandwich
  39. chicken strips or chicken nuggets
  40. rice and noodles
  41. hard boiled eggs and veggies
  42. potato salad
  43. egg salad sandwich
  44. hummus with crackers and veggies
  45. mozzarella sticks and marina sauce (made out of cheese strings)
  46. pretzels and dipping sauce
  47. pita sandwich


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