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DIY Halloween Witch Broomstick

DIY Halloween Witch Broomstick

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DIY Halloween Witch Broomstick

Here are two different tutorials on how to make a witch’s broomstick for Halloween. Both of these varieties are very simple to make and are fairly inexpensive as well.

DIY Halloween Witch Broomstick

Supply List for The Dollar Tree Witch Broom Stick—Variety #1

Branch/stick (find outdoors)

hot glue

brown floral wire

3-Cinnamon Stick mini brooms (I found mine at Dollar Tree)

How to Make this Dollar Tree Witch Broom Stick Variety #1

1- Find a branch or stick outside that is about 2′ long

2- Hot glue one, two or three cinnamon incense mini brooms around the stick. I choose to use three bundles because I wanted the broomstick to be able to stand up on its own. If that isn’t a goal of yours, you could simply glue one mini cinnamon broom to the front and the back. You could also get a small stick and wiggle it into the bundle for a different look.

DIY Halloween Witch Broomstick

3- If you use more than one mini broomstick, after hot glueing you can wrap the bundles together with some Brown floral wire for extra stability. This step may not be necessary.

DIY Halloween Witch Broomstick

I love the way this broomstick turned out. I think it is pretty realistic looking.

It will be a versatile decoration and can be used outdoors as well.

DIY Halloween Witch Broomstick

To make an even smaller and less expensive witch’s broomstick follow this next tutorial.

Supply List for The Dollar Tree Witch Broom Stick—Variety #2

Dowel Stick

Jute String

Hot Glue


Mini glass bottle (to hold the broom up)

How to Put Together The Dollar Tree Witch Broom Stick Variety #2

If you want to make a smaller witches broomstick you could try this variety by using a dowel stick with glued-on strands of jute string, hot glue, and ribbon. See the tutorial here.

DIY Halloween Witch Broomstick

The maker of this broomstick was smart to put it in a mini glass bottle so that it would stand upright on its own. 

DIY Halloween Witch Broomstick

I think this would be very fun to do for an elementary Halloween party.

Let me know if you get a chance to make either of these witch’s broomsticks for Halloween in the comments below.



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DIY Halloween Witch Broomstick


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