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Easy Nilla Wafer Edible Acorns

Easy Nilla Wafer Edible Acorns

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Easy Nilla Wafer Edible Acorns

I served these at my son’s woodland birthday party and everyone really liked them. They are cute, yummy, quick to make, and fit the theme. 

Easy Nilla Wafer Edible Acorns

Supply List for these Easy Nilla Wafter Edible Acorns

Hersey Kisses

Mini semi-sweet chocolate chips

Nilla wafers

Icing (I used this recipe)

brown food coloring for icing

Easy Nilla Wafer Edible Acorns

Directions on how to make these Easy Nilla Wafer Edible Acorns 

Watch the video and/or continue reading below.

  1. Make icing and use brown food coloring to make it brown. Alternatively, you can buy premade icing and color it brown.
  2. Set out Nilla wafers so the rounded side is face down.
  3. Add a dollop of icing to the middle of the Nilla wafer.
  4. Place an unwrapped Hersey’s kiss on a dollop of icing.
  5. Let it set for a few minutes.
  6. Turn the Nilla wafer over and add a very small drop of icing.
  7. Place a semi-sweet mini chocolate chip on the drop of icing.
  8. Let set.

Easy Nilla Wafer Edible Acorns

That’s it!

Easy Nilla Wafer Edible Acorns

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Easy Nilla Wafer Edible Acorns


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