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Elf on the Shelf: Real Miniature Breakfast

Elf on the Shelf: Real Miniature Breakfast

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Elf on the Shelf: Real Miniature Breakfast

“Be Our Guest, Be our Guest, Put our Service to the Test”… What a fun Christmas breakfast for an Elf on the Shelf!

Pepper Mint, our Elf on the Shelf, is apparently a foodie.

He made himself this Christmas feast with all real food. 

He made a stack of leaning pancakes, 

freshly squeezed orange juice, lightly toasted bread with pats of butter, and raw honey.

He also ate maple syrup, heavy cream,


fresh pineapple, and homemade waffles with butter.

Pepper added fried eggs, Canadian bacon, and regular bacon to his feast fit for an elf as well.

My kids were AMAZED that he cooked his own real food!


I was amazed how cute it looked displayed on my 1:12 size porcelain tea set. 

I’m glad Pepper got it out. I haven’t used it since I hosted this Afternoon Tea Party.

He left us a note on the real miniature breakfast display that makes me begin singing in my head as I read it…

It’s the song, “Be Our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast.

This song was such a cute fit to this display, I used it as background music to make this quick video. I like to film these Elf on the Shelf displays so that you can see all the details in a different medium.

And on to more cute details…

Our wood lazy susan and Christmas towel were utilized as his kitchen floor. Having a Christmas theme floor seems very fitting for an Elf to me!

He stocked my daughter’s Kid Kraft Kitchen with kitchen accessories from her doll sets.

He has fun rummaging through and around our house finding whatever he can to add detail to his displays.

My daughter was concerned that I would be upset that he got so many items from around the house, and asked me how I felt about it.

I assured her I was totally 100% okay with it! Then I explained that when I filled out the Elf on the Shelf acquisition form, you can check a box that says,  “Will you allow your Elf on the Shelf to be creative and use items around your house (even if some get ruined)?” ‘Allow’ or ‘Not Allow’. I selected ‘Allow’.

This explanation made her fell much much about about Pepper making changes to things we have.

My daughter (7), loves having Pepper around.

 She cannot wait until each morning to run around and find him.

She spends hours staring and playing with everything he leaves out— being careful not to touch him, of course. 

It’s so cute how much she remarks on how she loves the details.

Like this pot holder that matches Pepper’s napkin/bib.

The frayed edges on Pepper’s bib and the teeny tiny safety pin holding it on in the back.

The baker’s hat is just such a cute detail as well.

We love how fun this Elf on the Shelf tradition has become to our family…

Bon Appétit Pepper!

Supply List of items that I guess Pepper used to make this Elf on the Shelf: Real Miniature Breakfast

Kid Kraft So Chic dollhouse table, fridge, kitchen

Barbie grocery items (honey, groceries, waffle maker, pot, spatula, etc.)

Bakers hat made with white material and wire.

neckerchief and pot holders made from material

table cloth= white handkerchief

wood lazy susan 

Christmas kitchen towel

White 1:12 miniature porcelain tea set

pancakes made tiny

eggs made tiny


butter cut into tiny squares

toast cut into tiny squares

pineapple cut into tiny squares

Canadian bacon (hole punched and grilled)

bacon, cut into tiny pieces and grilled

Orange juice



Little taster spoons and other randoms supplies from Our Generation ice cream truck

pen and paper

I hope this Elf on the shelf: Real Miniature Breakfast has been fun for you to look at. I know it was so fun for us to find! 


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Elf on the Shelf: Real Miniature Breakfast


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