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White and Gold Nativity Christmas Tablescape

White and Gold Nativity Christmas Tablescape

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White and Gold Nativity Christmas Tablescape


I love hosting Christmas parties. I especially like designing different Christmas tablescapes for adults and then kid-friendly Christmas tablescapes as well.

You can see in the background of the above photo that there is a kid’s table behind this one. I will be posting about it soon.


This White and Gold Nativity Christmas Tablescape came together in 5 minutes and didn’t cost me anything.

I only used items that I already purchased to put this tablescape together.

I love when you can take decorations and repurpose them. Even if you add one or two more items, repurposing is obviously way cheaper than decorating in all new and it’s such a great way to switch things up without having it cost a lot.

Most of what I previously purchased was fairly inexpensive though.

Supply List for White and Gold Nativity Christmas Tablescape

Gold metallic foil placemats here or similar here

white china (Noritake)

DIY Winter Napkin Rings—tutorial here

white napkins

Crocheted Vintage Tablecloth  (which was a gift from my mom)

Crystal goblets (These were given to me by a family member)

Nativities- Wood small

I bought these last year for my German Ornament Christmas Tree.

Nativity Burton + Burton 11 Piece Nativity Set 

(I can’t find this online anymore but it was originally purchased at Sams Club).

Nativity Noel 

This was given to me years ago by my grandma. I love it so much! The star lights up and shines down on baby Jesus.

Nativity (Found at Deseret Book over 1/2 off)

I looked on Deseret Book’s website and couldn’t find it. They may still sell it though. I love the lines and textures!

Nativity porcelain sets

(I found both small white sets at Thrift stores for less than $2.00 each)

I love the simplicity of these small porcelain white nativities.

In the video I’m uploading to this post you can see the trees shimmer and glitter more. They really are beautiful.

Most of the trees on the table are from World Market and are called, Pier Place Gold Bottlebrush Christmas Trees.

The reason why there is a variety of lighting is because I used natural lighting and once the table was set it was too dark outside so I had to use house lighting and natural light from the windows.

Lighting can be tricky here on Mountain Daylight Time. It gets dark at 4:30-5pm!

How to Put Together this White and Gold Nativity Christmas Tablescape

Just by looking at the photos you can probably figure out how to set this tablescape up. Here are just a few tips in case they are helpful.

1- Have a nativity face both sides of the table so everyone has something to look at.

2- Place Trees in various heights together in odd numbers, 3, 5, 7, etc.

3- Stick to a clear color scheme. It doesn’t have to be white and gold, but when decorating it helps to pick a few complimentary colors that are the main scheme and then one or two pops of color that vary. I have white, cream, and gold as my main color scheme and then I have a dark gold/green pop of color that comes through for interest.

4- When decorating tablescapes try to keep the line of sight clear/free for guests so that everyone can socialize without having to lean to look around a centerpiece.

5-Keep in mind that mixing textures can be very pretty. It provides interest and dimension. I like that the gold mats are foil, the dinnerware is china, the trees are bottlebrush glitter and the table cloth is a natural woven fiber.


Well, those are my tips on ideas I had to make this White and Gold Nativity Christmas Tablescape.

Check out the video to see it in natural lighting. And please ignore some of the mess you may see in the background. We have four kids and its just impossible for the house to always be clean.

Merry Christmas remembering our Savior Jesus Christ’s birth.


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White and Gold Nativity Christmas Tablescape



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