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Grogu, BB8, Rey, and Mandalorian Costumes Halloween 2021

Grogu, BB8, Rey, and Mandalorian Costumes Halloween 2021

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Our kids had Grogu, BB8, Rey, and Mandalorian Costumes (Halloween 2021).   

Usually, I make one if not all of my kid’s costumes but since we are in the midst of a remodel and I’ve been crunched for time, I bought them.

The star of the show this year was our 6 month old boy, Brighton. He was Grogu, aka “Baby Yoda”, from The Mandalorian. Everywhere we went, people just loved him. 

He is a very smiley baby which made almost everyone who looked at him also smile.

He also likes eating random things, a definite Grogu trait.

May the force be with you.

Next we have BB8; our 2 year old Amelia.

She is very difficult to keep still.

She has known her numbers and alphabet since before she turned one.

So, when she saw the costume bag that had her costume in it she was able to read, “BB8”.

Amazingly, she understood that that is who she was dressed up as.

When dressed up, she went around saying, “BB8”.

She was just so cute, albeit very difficult to control. Rey was always chasing after BB8.

She enjoyed being a crazy robot and trick or treating for her first time.

My oldest daughter, Aurora, wanted to be Rey. 

She looked so cute in her costume. 

At the school parade she carried around a BB8 toy.

It looked so cute and when the top is pressed it makes the BB8 robot noises.

She loved waving her light saber.

She also really liked her hairdo, which is surprisingly-easy to recreate.

These photos were taken many hours after we put it up. It looked much better that morning.

To make Rey’s hair style, you basically, make 3 loose connected loop pony tails and wrap and tuck in the remaining hair to the last one.

I got her boots from Costco.

We already had her light saber.

As you can probably tell, Aurora happens to be my best picture-taker/model.

And my oldest son was the Mandalorian…

He helped take care of Grogu a lot of the time, true to his character’s nature.

He is such a good brother.

When he walked through the parade, he carried a Grogu doll.

We actually got Grogu’s necklace from the doll since it didn’t come with the costume.

This is just soo cute.

I bought Denali a Nerf gun and Mandalorian gun and spray painted them black.

Unfortunately, the Mandolarian gun was still drying when we took these photos so it’s not pictured. But he loved carrying it around once it had dried.

My son loved his costume.

This is the way.

Anyone with four kids can vouch that it’s a very difficult thing to photograph the kids together with costumes on and get them all to look, so unfortunately I don’t have a great photo of the four.

However, we went to the Thanksgiving Point Butterfly Biosphere Halloween party as a family. They got to get up on a little stage and show off their costumes to other attendees. 

Not the best photo but that’s okay we had a great time this Halloween!

Supply List for Grogu, BB8, Rey, and Mandalorian Costumes 

Disney Mandalorian costume for boys

Rubie’s Mandoalorian gun (spray painted black)

Nerf gun (spray painted Black)

black spray paint

Disney Rey Girl Costume

Light saber

Rey staff

girls leather sheepskin boots

Disney toddler BB8 costume

White shirt and pants

Disney Baby Grogu costume

Baby pants

Grogo doll with necklace (for Mandalorian to carry or just to use the necklace for a real/live Grogu costume) or just buy Grogu necklace

BB8 toy for Rey to carry

I hope you had a Happy Halloween this year. My kids had a great time dressing up as Grogu, BB8, Rey, and Mandalorian Costumes this Halloween (2021).



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Grogu, BB8, Rey, and Mandalorian Costumes (Halloween 2021)


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