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Oh, Christmas Tree Tablescape

Oh, Christmas Tree Tablescape

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Oh, Christmas Tree Tablescape.

I like hosting for Christmas, birthdays, and other holidays.

While I don’t love the cleanup, I do love creating fun and pretty tablescapes for adults, teenagers, and kids.

This particular tablescape was created for our adult guests at a recent party.

There were 9 kids and only 6 adults so our dining room tables were used for the buffet and kids’ tables and we set out a 6′ table for this adult table.

Since there are so many trees on this tablescape, I named it the, “Oh’ Christmas Tree Tablescape”.

How I put together this Oh, Christmas Tree Tablescape

I covered our 6′ table with a white tablecloth and put down 6 green sparkle placemats.

I used our white china and goblets as well as our silver flatware.

I added a burgundy napkin (that we had from my daughter’s Just Add Magic birthday party)


and placed it on top of the plate in a green and white glitter-bling Christmas Tree napkin ring.

I set glitter trees that I had on the table as centerpieces.

I placed a grouping of glitter trees at the ends of the table as well.

Using items I had, this tablescape came together in about 10 minutes and only cost me $6.00 to put together.

If you are curious how I was able to do this for $6.00 read on.

A few tips for making tablescapes…

It is typically best to not place a centerpiece on the table that obstructs the view of those who are eating.

These trees were short enough that once seated, we could still see each other and talk without having to look around the centerpiece.

Create a focal point. While the focal point does not have to be in the center of the table for each tablescape, this one is. The tallest and largest group of trees draws the eye to the center of the table.

Group items in odd numbers. As you can see I have the trees grouped in 5’s, 3’s, and 1’s. This is a tip that interior decorators use as it helps to add beauty and—ironically, balance to an area or tablescape.

Tie in at least one common color, theme, item, or texture from the place settings to the centerpiece.

A nice tablescape has continuity between the centerpiece and the place settings. You can do this using color, which I find the easiest, or you can do so with a theme, like the Christmas tree napkin rings and the tree centerpieces, or you can do so using similar materials such as an evergreen centerpiece and an evergreen clipping set on the place setting, or a linen napkin and a matching linen table runner, etc. 

For this tablescape, the cranberry napkins tied in perfectly with the cranberry-tipped gold-fringe Christmas trees.

My final tip is to buy items in the after-holiday sales.

I was able to get each napkin ring for .40 cents and placemat for .50 cents by waiting until the after-Christmas sales. Many stores discount 50-70% the week after Christmas and an additional 80-90% in the first week or two of January. I like to go in January to Michaels, Joanns, Hobby Lobby, Walgreens, CVS, Home Depot, and Lowes. It is “slim pickin’s” by this time but I was able to find all of these placemats, and napkin rings in a 90% Christmas sale.

I find that by doing shopping after Christmas 90% off sales, I save A LOT and can afford to create new and different tablescapes each year.

Also, going when everything is 90% off forces me to be creative with what I can find as supplies are typically limited.

If you are pickier about what you want or need larger quantities I’d recommend going shopping before January to get the deals—and while they won’t be marked down to 90% off typically as they will be early to mid-January, you’ll have more options.

Supply List for this Oh, Christmas Tree Tablescape

6- Green glitter placemats

6- green tree glitter and bling napkin rings (Michaels 2021 season)

6- goblets

6- white china

6- sets of flatware (Sam’s Club 18/10)

13- glitter trees of varying heights.

My family really liked this tablescape as did I. We had a lovely dinner.

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Oh, Christmas Tree Tablescape


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