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Polar Bear Party Decorations

Polar Bear Party Decorations

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Polar Bear Party Decorations

Polar Bear Party Decorations

My son, Denali wanted a snow, sledding, and polar bear themed birthday party this year.

Since his birthday is end of December and we were planning to do his friend party in January, I knew I could buy multiple items in the after-Christmas sales.

I got this Lionel Polar Express Train from Macy’s for $50.00 during an after-Christmas sale. We got it for our under our Christmas tree.  I asked Denali if he wanted it for his “polar bear party” and he said he did.

Since I bought it for our Christmas decorations, I’m not including it in the decor price below.

My neighbor offered to give us these extra blue, silver, and white balloons she had left over from a party of her own and I was happy to accept them.

Blue balloons

I was able to find these darling white sparkle Polar Bear figurines from Joann’s craft store. They were 70% off when I purchased them. So, I was able to get them all for $40 (using a coupon).

I also got the gift bags from JoAnn’s (which I filled with indoor snowballs for our indoor snowball fight). The polar bear gift boxes with marshmallows, and the platters with polar bears on them used for the food came from Joann’s Northern Lights line this Christmas 2021 as well.

Everything was 50-90% off and were bought with an additional coupon.

I purchased the polar bear fabric/material that I used for the tablecloth (3 yards of it) and the napkins, plates, and little gift bags that I put plastic utensils in also from Joann’s craft store for 50-90% off with coupon as well. 

The dark blue tablecloths came from Joann’s on sale for $4.00 each.

The stuffed animal bear was a gift for my youngest son from a neighbor.

We bought the sequin curtains from Amazon and the banner/flag of polar bears that is hanging from the center of the curtain came from JoAnn’s on sale as well.

My husband hung a wire from one side of our wall to the other to hang the sparkle curtains up.

I had this little sled from my kids’ Elf on the Shelf doll house seek and find.

My daughter got the little Fisher Price polar bear from her great grandma this Christmas.

Here is the breakdown of the cost of the decorations…

Polar Bear Party Decorations Supply List and Cost

JoAnn’s Northern Lights Bears Super Snuggle Flannel Fabric grey fabric (for table cloth) $4.00 yrd x3= $12.00

Blue and white balloons under the table (free from neighbor)

Joann’s Northern Lights gift bags and gift boxes $8.00

Matching plates and napkins $5.00

Matching platters (large) $2.00 x2= $4.00

Polar Bears $35

Plastic tablecloths $4.00 x 2= $8.00 

Sequin curtains 2 orders of 4 curtains in white =8 curtains totaling $50.00

Banner with polar bears hanging from the curtain $4.00

Polar bear stuffed animal, Fisher price polar bear, sled and a few other items were just found around our home (free)

The total for the decorations was about $130.00 including the plates, napkins, etc.

That’s it for the decorations of this Polar Bear Birthday party.

I will likely use almost all of these decorations for other Christmas parties, tablescapes, crafting, decorating and even gifting presents (gift bags) to others in the future. 

I love being able to use and reuse decorations. It makes me feel better about spending a few hundred dollars on a birthday party.

Purchasing these Polar Bear Party Decorations in the after-Christmas sales saved a lot of money.


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Polar Bear Party Decorations


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