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Polar Bear Party Food

Polar Bear Party Food

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Polar Bear Party Food

Polar bear party food

This is the food that I prepared and served and my son’s nine year old Polar Bear birthday party.

Many of his friends said they really liked the options and one friend said, “You go all out for parties.” That was just so cute to hear.


Denali’s good friend is allergic to nuts so I made sure the dessert table, cake, and hot cocoa were free nut and coconut oil free. It actually was not as difficult as I thought it would be!

When collecting food for a party, I like to have some sort of theme or group of ideas so that it is easier to narrow down the many options there are.

So for this polar bear birthday dessert table I was thinking of sledding, tubing, bears, winter, snow, round, white, blue, etc.

This dessert table spread was put together first and foremost to be nut-allergy-friendly and secondly to fit the Polar Bear/sledding/winter theme.

Polar bear party food

This is what we ate.

We had blue gum balls and Smarties.

Polar bear party food

Chex mix birthday cake bars cut small and gummy lifesavers.


Polar bear party food

We ate fresh blueberries.

Polar bear party food

I served Dum Dums on a few half round styrofoam balls that I had.

I added a bit of fake snow on the styrofoam balls to make them look like snow mounds.

Polar bear party food

There was cut up celery and yogurt dipped raisins.

Polar bear party food

Kix cereal was poured in a big glass bowl and Pirate Booty was poured in the same bowl on the other side of the table.

Polar bear party food

We melted white chocolate (Ghirardelli) and dipped the pretzels and strawberries in it.

Polar bear party food strawberry


Tip- Put down a piece of round parchment paper as big as the plate before placing the chocolate dipped strawberries and pretzels on it, they will lift up easier.

We also drizzled the white chocolate on Rice Krispie snowflakes. These were good!

Polar bear party food

I made these tubing-bear Jello cups. 

Polar bear party food

They were a total hit and so easy too.

You simply make Starburst Blue Raspberry Jello and pour it into small clear cups.

Let it set in the fridge (4+ hours) then put marshmallow creme over the top of the Jello. Place a gummy bear in a Lifesaver gummy and serve with a spoon. Keep cold until serving.

As mentioned, the boys LOVED these.

Polar bear party food

My son really wanted to have some “sledding gummy bears” on the dessert table so he made this cute little creation. 

marshmallows, gummy bears and jello

It’s an upside down bowl representing a sledding hill and then Chex Bars cut thin and Gummy Lifesavers as sleds and tubes.

marshmallows and gummy bears

The gummy bears are riding the sleds and tubes which are secured using this vanilla bean frosting that I had made for the cake. 

The little gummy bear in the front crashed and face planted into snow when he fell off his tube.

Denali just loved this addition to the dessert table. He kept pointing it out to his friends who liked it too. 

We also served sliced cucumbers.

There was a bowl of marshmallows and gummy bears mixed.

Polar bear party food marshmallows and gummy bears

I picked out the white iced animal crackers from Stauffer’s mix and served those on a plate as well.

Polar bear party food crackers

The Pirate Booty white cheddar (in the back) was a total hit as well!

Polar bear party food cheedar

We had warm/hot milk and hot cocoa (not pictured).

We put it in the personalized mugs the boys decorated with stickers (you can read about this activity here).

Polar bear party tumbler activities

The polar bear birthday cake (an iceberg) was ‘oohed and aahed’ at by the boys and was served with vanilla ice cream. 

Polar bear party cake with vanilla ice cream

Tutorial on how I made it here.

Polar bear party cake

I put sparkler candles on it and the boys thought it was pretty fun. You can see the cake and sparkler candles in the video in more detail here.

And that is what we served on the dessert table.

Supply List for this Polar Bear Party Food List






Melting white chocolate 

Rice Krispie treats rolled out and stamped with a snowflake cookie cutter, then drizzled with melted white chocolate

Gummy Bears

Polar Bear Iceberg cake tutorial

Gummy lifesavers

Yogurt dipped raisins


ice cream (vanilla)

Pirate Booty

Kix cereal

Dum Dums in a half dome of white styrofoam and fake snow

Mini marshmallows

Iced animal crackers (Stauffer’s)

Blue Raspberry Starburst jello 3.9 oz poured and set in 2 oz clear cups topped with marshmallow cream and a Gummy Lifesaver carrying a gummy bear

Chex Birthday Cake bars

Platters, bowls, plates, etc. (marble plates were bought years ago at World Market, white plates and bowls were mainly bought at IKEA, JoAnn’s had all of the Polar Bear themed bags, plates, napkins, etc.)

Polar bear party food

I hope this Polar Bear Party Food post gives you ideas of what to serve if you have a similar party!


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Polar Bear Party Food


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