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Types of Books That One to Two Year-Olds Love

Types of Books That One to Two Year-Olds Love

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 I’ve noticed that certain types of books are preferred more than others at different age ranges. Below you will find the types of books both of my children absolutely love to read or have loved to read between the ages of 12-24 months.

  • Pop up books. Books that have images pop up off of the page add so much interest and interaction for this age group. I absolutely love reading pop up books to my kids. The trick is making sure they don’t destroy them by putting them up high or out of sight if unsupervised. If for some reason they do tear them, tape works to fix most issues. I get my books for .25 cents to a dollar (find out how here). Because they are so inexpensive for me to buy and replace, when a book is damaged it does not upset me.






  • Books that have removable pieces. Although these types of books are hard to keep together, children use their motor skills to remove and replace pieces. My children love these books.
    • Little People farm animals, Bible puzzle books


  • Moving Eye aka ‘Googley Eye’ books. Who doesn’t like to learn and practice the names of animals while seeing their moving googley eyes?


  • Look Inside Books. If anyone knows the exact name for this type of book, please comment below so I can update this blog post. My kids love these books where things are peeking through a window and/or disappear as the pages are turned.


books1.2yearolds5 These next books are from the list of newborn to one year old favorites. I’ve found that for ages 1-2 the following types of books are also just as well liked as when they are babies.

 Little Lost Lamb, Daisy Duck, Sesame Street Teething Book, etc.

11 Best Types of Books for Newborn to One Year Olds

Well, those are the best types of books I’ve found for 1-2 year olds.

I hope your children enjoy them as much as mine do!


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Types of Books That One to Two Year Olds Love

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