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Eggnog Floats


Eggnog is such a festive treat. During the holiday season, I love to eat eggnog flavored treats, drink it mixed with Sprite, and see it on the shelves in the grocery stores. Each year since my son’s birth, I have gotten a McDonald’s Eggnog Shake. It has become a tradition. This year they no longer have them

9 Delicious and Quick Canned Chicken Recipes


I was organizing my canned food the other day and found that I have A LOT of canned chicken. I realized that I need to make more meals with it—especially since it is a convenient and inexpensive way to add protein to a meal. I get a lot of my canned chicken at grocery stores but its also

Banana Bread Muffins


Banana bread has always been a favorite of mine. Today I made Banana Bread muffins because I was short on time and they bake about 25 minutes faster. They are also easier to divvy out if you are gifting them to multiple neighbors (which I’m planning to do) than say a loaf of bread would be.

Quick and Easy Banana Bread Recipe


This banana bread recipe has been in our family for over 50 years. It is so moist, simple, quick, and delicious. In under 15 minutes I can have the banana bread baking in my oven and making my home smell delicious. When topped with fresh butter, it is craving worthy! Directions 1. Preheat oven to

Spinach Artichoke Cream Cheese Spread


I’ve made this a few times in the last few weeks. One for a family party, once for me, and once for a big party of women (church gathering). This is an awesome recipe that tastes better than most restaurant spinach artichoke dips. So far most everyone who has tried it has loved it and

19 Delicious No-Bake Pies


The holiday season is fast approaching. I am so excited for family get-togethers, parties, costumes, Thanksgiving feasts, and gift-giving. No-bake pies are so easy and quick (especially if you buy pre-made crusts). They can be thrown together in just a few minutes of prep and a few hours of chilling. They are a great idea

The Best Slow Cooker Fajita Recipe


Recently, I’ve experimented making slow cooker/crockpot fajitas. The first time was not so great. I put the onion and peppers in too soon and they got too soft. This resulted in a soup-like consistency. The second time they turned out perfect! I made them for Cinco de Mayo for my family who all said they

Delicious Homemade French Toast Recipe


This is an AMAZING french toast recipe that I’ve been making for years. Recently, I volunteered to make it for my entire extended family and they all loved it. There are three tricks to make this unique recipe the best french toast ever. The first is to use cinnamon swirl bread. I buy mine from

Best Apple Crisp Recipe Ever!

Apple crumble

I’m not over exaggerating when I say that every single time I take this apple crisp to a party or gathering I’m asked for the recipe. It is a total crowd-pleaser and well loved by all. The slightly-tart Granny Smith Apples + sugar + oats + butter + cinnamon = perfection. Follow the directions below and

Berry Spinach Smoothie

Blueberry smoothie with spinach, bananas and ground flax seeds

This is my favorite ‘green’ drink smoothie. It’s packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and has a good amount of protein. The flavor is actually fairly sweet and delicious. It is very satisfying and helps curb cravings. I’ve been making it for over two years now and although I sometimes tweak an ingredient here and there

Oreo Ice Cream Pie


  This Oreo Ice Cream Pie recipe is wonderful! It can be served very cold or frozen. I personally like it frozen because it is like an ice cream cake but instead it is an ice cream pie. It is very quick and easy to make as well! Makes 2 Pies Serves: 12-16 people Prep

Delicious Beef Stew

beef stewthumbnail

Lots of people love this stew. One day an old coworker of mine saw it and commented that it looked like the stew her grandma used to make. The next day, I sent some to her and she was so happy to finally find a stew that tasted just like her grandma’s. Don’t get discouraged when

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