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Adults Woodland Party Tablescape

Adults Woodland Party Tablescape

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This is the Adults Woodland Party Tablescape that I made for my son’s Woodland birthday party.

I like to set up different tablescapes for adults and kids when I am having a large party.

Adults Woodland Party Tablescape

I do this because it’s fun for me to come up with different ways to decorate tables.

I like the creating process of making tablescapes. I typically try to make an adult tablescape more sophisticated and a kids’ tablescape more fun.

Adults Woodland Party Tablescape


This tablescape was more sophisticated than the kids’ woodland tablescape (link to post below) as it had real flatware, jute placemats, linen napkins, and burlap and acorn napkin rings.

I also stuck with a simple color palette: white with earthy tones. 

Adults Woodland Party Tablescape

I made the DIY napkin rings a few years ago.

They were easy to make if you’d like the tutorial, check it out here DIY burlap napkin rings

Adults Woodland Party Tablescape

This tablescape was set up for a woodland birthday party for a two-year-old so I threw in some juvenile items that fit the theme while still keeping with a sophisticated look.

The centerpiece is a Gund snowy woodland stuffed animal. 

Adults Woodland Party Tablescape

 The snowy owl looked too cute nestled in a twine wreath that I had on hand which I draped with pine garland around him. If you don’t have a snowy owl, you could decorate with any woodland stuffed animal that is in nice condition.

Adults Woodland Party Tablescape

I also gave the adults fun bear cups with timber-printed and birch-printed straws.

Adults Woodland Party Tablescape

For the kids’ tablescape, I left the lids on the bear cups because spills were a very likely probability. 

Adults Woodland Party Tablescape

For the adults’ woodland tablescape, I removed the yellow lids so that they would look better, blend in with the decorations and seem more sophisticated.

Adults Woodland Party Tablescape

All of the adults who sat at this table remarked on how cute the owl was or how they liked the details, the straws, the bear cups, etc.

Supply List for this Adults Woodland Party Tablescape

Dollar Tree white wrapping paper (wide roll) with tape to secure it or a white tablecloth

jute placemats

white plastic plates on sale (Costco) similar here

flatware Sam’s Club—Member’s Mark Premium Forged mirror finish Stainless Steel 20 Pc Flatware Set

polyester napkins

DIY burlap napkin rings

Fab Pals Rylee by Gund snowy owl stuffed animal

grape twine wreath plain stick

2- 6′ foot pine garland-exact ones, similar on Amazon

Honey Bottle Bear 12 Oz Clear Container Squeeze Jar with Lid (exact ones, similar on Amazon)

timber and birch-printed straws

Adults Woodland Party Tablescape

How to set up this Adults Woodland Party Tablescape

Wrap the table with white plain wrapping paper from Dollar Tree. Alternatively, you can use a white tablecloth. I used wrapping paper because I used paper on the kid tables and I thought the white paper would match the party decor better.

Set out the twine wreath in the middle of the table as the centerpiece and put the owl inside. Or you can place any nice woodland animal stuffed animal in the center.

Wrap the owl with pine garland and spread extra garland to run down the middle of the table between the plates.

Set out jute placemats, white plates, cutlery, bear honey containers (cleaned), and straws. 

Make burlap napkin rings and set napkins on the table.

Cost of this Adults Woodland Party Tablescape

I already had everything around the house except the bear containers, straws, and wrapping paper.

The straws were .20 cents each (shipped).

The bears cost $1.10 each

and the wrapping paper was 1.24

plastic plates and were .40 a setting

The total cost for this tablescape was: $15.00

Adults Woodland Party Tablescape

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Happy Partying!



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Adults Woodland Party Tablescape


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