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Kids’ Woodland Party Tablescape

Kids’ Woodland Party Tablescape

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Kids’ Woodland Party Tablescape.

Recently, I threw a birthday party for my two-year-old and I set up the kids’ tables to reflect the woodland theme.

Kids' Woodland Party Tablescape

The kids who came to the party seemed to really like the table decorations as did my sweet mother-in-law who choose to sit with the kids.

When guests like the tablescapes it really makes me happy and wanting to continue making things fun and cute when I host.

Kids' Woodland Party Tablescape

To make a similar tablescape for a woodland party, all you need are a few supplies.

Kids' Woodland Party Tablescape

Kids’ Woodland Party Tablescape Supply List

Rolls of brown craft paper, scissors, and packaging tape or tablecloths

4- 6′ Folding tables

24 white banquet folding chairs (I bought these used for $4.00 each on local classifieds from a banquet company who were purchasing new chairs. I purchased 34 because we host a lot! We’ve been using them about once a month for 3 years now).

4- 6′ foot pine garland-exact ones, similar on Amazon 

Honey Bottle Bear 12 Oz Clear Container Squeeze Jar with Lid (exact ones, similar on Amazon)

timber and birch-printed straws

Kids' Woodland Party Tablescape

white plastic plates on sale (Costco) similar here

Hobby Lobby woodland dessert plates 2 packs of 20

2- Meri Meri woodland animal advent calendars I bought these in an after-Christmas sale for $10 each. I used hot glue to keep them standing up well.  If these aren’t on sale you could use other paper woodland animals as well.

plastic cutlery and white paper napkins (Costco)

Kids' Woodland Party Tablescape

How to set up this Kids’ Woodland Party Tablescape

First, we wrapped the tables with some leftover paper that I’ve had for years. We taped it underneath to keep it secure.

Kids' Woodland Party Tablescape

After we wrapped the tables, we set out the plates with woodland dessert plates on top,

Kids' Woodland Party Tablescape

plastic cutlery, napkins, bear cups with lids, and timber and birch printed staws from Etsy.

Kids' Woodland Party Tablescape

I made sure that the kid’s bear cups had lids on them because most of the 16 kids that came are little and many are prone to spills.

Kids' Woodland Party Tablescape

The lids worked great and luckily the straws fit as well because I was concerned they might not fit.

Kids' Woodland Party Tablescape

I ran 6′ of garland down each table to represent the woodland theme and match the greenery on our dessert table.

Kids' Woodland Party Tablescape Kids' Woodland Party Tablescape

Kids' Woodland Party Tablescape

Next, I got my Meri Meri advent calendars and set up the woodland animals.

Kids' Woodland Party Tablescape

While cute, the woodland animals didn’t want to stay standing, so I used a very small dab of glue on the joints of their paper stands, and that worked.

Kids' Woodland Party Tablescape

Kids' Woodland Party Tablescape

The kids liked these little stand-up woodland figurines and they were fun to look at while they ate.

Kids' Woodland Party Tablescape

Cost of this Kids’ Woodland Party Tablescape

The straws were .20 cents each (shipped).

The bears cost $1.10 each

plastic plates and were .20 each setting

woodland dessert plates .12 each setting

paper= I had

Meri Meri Advent calendar x 2= $20.00

pine garland= I had

plastic cutlery .05 a setting

The total for these tables was $60 for 24 settings or $2.50 a setting.

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Kids' Woodland Party Tablescape

Happy Partying!


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Kids' Woodland Party Tablescape


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