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Elf on the Shelf: Arctic Seek-and-Find Sendoff

Elf on the Shelf: Arctic Seek-and-Find Sendoff

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Elf on the Shelf: Arctic Seek-and-Find Sendoff.

Sadly our elves, Pepper Mint and Winter Mint siblings from the North Pole had to go home today.

Elf on the Shelf: Arctic Seek-and-Find Sendoff

They were in the Arctic and Pepper was riding a tube laden with a ton of stuff.

Elf on the Shelf: Arctic Seek-and-Find Sendoff

Winter was riding the snowmobile with about as much as she could fit on it as well.

She was pulling Pepper with a tow rope.

They were likely in the Arctic as there was an igloo in the background.


They left us a note that said… 

Our elves took with them a memento from every momentous day they spent with us this year.

In the past, on the last days they’ve been with us they have done a seek-and-find scene. They challenged our kids to find something from each day and check it off the list that they left for us.

I am fairly certain that that is what they intended when they made this note/list and left four copies for our four kids.

The days that our elves spent with us in 2023, Elf on the Shelf: Arctic Seek-and-Find Sendoff and the items they took with them.

Join me while I check off each item they took with them on each day they were here this year.


TMNT Monopoly

The pizza in the back of the sled…


The sewing box.

Reading Day

The book.

Jurassic Scene

Winter’s dinosaur purse.

Bob Ross Painting Party

Paint pallet.

Oh What Fun! Car Ride

Cherry Limeaid.

Ice Fishing

Fishing pole.





Xbox games.

Table Tennis

Table tennis racket.

Christmas Candy Dive




Letters to Santa



Trekking poles.


Baking Cake

Cupcake tin

Snowboard Tow


Catwoman and Dogman

The cape.

80’s Rewind Dollhouse

T.G.I.Friday’s burger.

Ugly Sweater Drive

Ugly sweaters.

Electric Birthday

3D glasses.

Highland Christmas




Kitty Cat Yoga

Step platform


Winter’s red hat.


Winter’s green scarf and blue snow pants.


Go Pro.


Directions on how our elves set up this scene, Elf on the Shelf: Arctic Seek-and-Find Sendoff

The elves used a scene in my office that has been set up for a few weeks. They used faux snow, white posterboard, a pillow, an upside-down crystal Mikasa bowl that looks like an igloo, and battery-powered candles inside.

Winter hopped on the snowmobile in her ugly sweater, scarf, and Santa hat and brought a bunch of items in her hands.

Pepper hooked his snow tube onto the snowmobile with a tow rope, dressed in his ugly sweater, no-sew beanie, 3D glasses, and flippers. He grabbed just about as much as he could carry, hopped on the tube, and yelled, “Hit it”.

Winter sped off towards the North Pole.

They are passing an igloo in the Arctic. 

Elf on the Shelf: Arctic Seek-and-Find Sendoff

We sure will miss them!!

Thanks, Pepper and Winter

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Elf on the Shelf: Arctic Seek-and-Find Sendoff


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