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Elf on the Shelf: Gaming

Elf on the Shelf: Gaming

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Elf on the Shelf: Gaming.

We like to play video games at our house. 

I know its a bit taboo to say that these days—but alas, it is true.

Some of our favorites are Rock Band, Minecraft, Lips, FIFA, Animal Royale, and Fortnite.

My husband likes Call of Duty which is why I think the elves brought a C.O.D. game with them. 


Our elves apparently like to game as well.

Today they left a video gaming scene near the TV downstairs where we play video games as a family.

Besides Rockband and Lips, my kids like to play Minecraft together, which is why I loved that our elves are playing Minecraft in this Elf on the Shelf scene.

My 11-year-old son is outgrowing the Elf on the Shelf magic but he was so excited about this scene that he came and got me in the morning to come see it. 

He loved all of the details. The video games, the TV, and the Xbox console.

He also liked the fact that the elves were playing split screen Minecraft together.

He also commented on how the elves were dressed so comfy


and he liked their slippers.

To get our 11 year-old excited means that the elves were major success today.

I liked all of those details I just mentioned and I also liked the ornaments on the tinsel Christmas tree that said, “Game On”

There were little bags of chips and soda hanging from the ornaments that were cute as well.

A few other fun details were the Xbox controller with a sign on it. 

I gave to my son once as a joke because he always asks me, “Can I just finish this game?”

The elves were dressed in their no-sew Christmas pajamas and beanies—tutorial here.

They had scarfs on and those darling slippers.

They were also holding mini Xbox controllers.

The supplies that I think that our elves used for this scene— Elf on the Shelf: Gaming.

Standard-sized Xbox games— for the TV to sit on

Standard-sized Xbox controller—for setting the scene

TV, mini Xbox games, mini Xbox controllers were made with foam sheets for crafting and printable glossy sticker paper

Xbox console, XBOXONE headphones and console box were printed on printable cardstock and folded into shape


hot glue gun and glue sticks

KidKraft couch

2 sets of no-sew Christmas pajamas and beanies—tutorial here.

Scarf (came off a small snowman)

Scarf (Elf on the Shelf hipster)

Tinsel Christmas tree (about 2 foot)

Game On! Ornaments they borrowed these from me. I got them in an after-Christmas sale for like .50 cents each at Hobby Lobby.

fake presents stolen from our Santa figurines

“Can I just finish this game” small sign.

2 Mini pillows made with material, poly fil, and hot glue.

2 sets of slippers (stolen from two Santa with magnifying glass naughty/nice figurines). These can be made easily. Upon inspection, I found that they are made with a felt bottom and then the green material and faux fur material are sewn or glued together over the top of the felt sole.

How I think our elves put together this scene— Elf on the Shelf: Gaming.

Continue reading and/or watch the video on this page.

1- They hung some Game On ornaments from the tinsel Christmas tree.

2- They got in their comfiest clothing and sat down on a couch with pillows behind them to keep them propped up— they may have required the tiniest dab of hot glue to stay seated properly.

3- They turned on Minecraft and got playing.

I believe they printed out the games in mini format on sticky glossy paper and stuck them on small felt crafting pads and did the same for the TV. I also think they probably printed out the Xbox boxes on printable cardstock and folded them together to make the boxes.

That’s it, it was pretty cute what I appreciated most was that my son loved it.

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