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Peace on Earth Christmas Front Door Decor

Peace on Earth Christmas Front Door Decor

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Peace on Earth Christmas Front Door Decor.

This year I was inspired to put together this, “Peace on Earth”, front door display when I saw an aqua-colored doormat that said, “Peace” on it in pink lettering. 

I found the doormat for a few dollars during the after-Christmas sales last year at World Market.


I knew that the following Christmas I would want to switch up my front door decor to match the door mat.

So, when I was shopping after-Christmas sales, I found some items with a pink, aqua, red, and white color scheme.

I already had a lot of items that I knew I could use for this front door decor display as well. I love re-purposing decor.

I have a post about how many ornaments are needed to decorate a Christmas tree. These two trees are 6′ tall so I needed a few more ornaments which I on sale as well.

To add to my intent of decorating with a Peace on Earth theme. I found gorgeous dove ornaments at World Market as well.

I love the idea of having doves at the top of the trees as doves are a symbol of love and peace.

Peace on Earth is a fitting theme for Christmas decor as we are celebrating the birth and life of Jesus Christ, who is also known as the, “Prince of Peace”.

He brought peace to the earth. 

It has another meaning as well. Many hope and pray for peace in their lives and for the world at-large. So, this decoration is not only fun but also full of hope which makes me love it more.

Supplies I used for this Peace on Earth Christmas Front Door Decor

While this front door decor looks expensive, it wasn’t. I like to shop the after-Christmas sales and so I got most everything 70-90% off retail and I used m any items that I already had on-hand.

I had the trees from last year’s Christmas front door decor.

I had many bottle brush trees, I did buy the aqua and pink tall ones though.


I purchased the tree skirts because they were on sale for $3.00 each at Hobby Lobby during the 90% off sale period. 

I had the large red ornaments, and the pretty glass globe ornaments.


The other globe ornaments were bought on sale with a coupon at World Market this year.

I had the pom pom garlands. 

The pink and aqua trees were napkin rings that used on this glitter tablescape last year.

I had the red and silver tinsel garland as well.

I bought the doves. 

I purchased those for .90 cents each in the after-Christmas sales

These gorgeous 4″ glass pink ornaments were less than $1.00 at an after Christmas sale… can you tell I like to shop the after-Christmas sales? 

The small ornaments I had as well.

I made the wreath and have a tutorial here on how I made it.

 I love the simple, unique and understated look of this wreath.

The colors of the beads matched many of my decorations.


List of items and where I bought them

Peace aqua-colored coir mat– (World Market exact ones are sold out)

Doves– (World Market exact ones are sold out)

Bottle brush trees– I had most and the few I didn’t are from World Market.

red and silver tinsel garland (Amazon)

World ornaments version 1 (World Market exact ones are sold out)

World Ornaments version 2-2023 season

Red Christmas ornaments (too long ago to remember)

White tree skirts with pom poms on them (exact sold out)

Wreath Beaded garland wreath DIY tutorial (made it)

Large Pink ornaments 4″ glass ball (Holiday Time Walmart exact sold out)

pom pom garlands  (World Market exact ones are sold out)

Directions on how to put together this Peace on Earth Christmas Front Door Decor.

1- I set up the trees and added the tinsel and pom pom garland and the larger ornaments first.

2-I worked my way around the front and sides (I didn’t decorate the back) with the next smallest size of ornaments.

3- I added the smallest size of ornaments and the tiny bottle brush trees.

4- I put doves on the top of the trees,

5- I set up the tree skirt

6- I set out the doormat

7- I set up the bottle brush trees.

8- I hung the wreath

It went fairly quickly. I probably spent about 45 mins on decorating.

That’s it.

This Peace on Earth Christmas front door decor  was pretty easy to create.


Merry Christmas!



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