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Gretel Costume—The Brother’s Grimm Fairytales

Gretel Costume—The Brother’s Grimm Fairytales

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I had a lot of fun putting together this Gretel Costume from The Brother’s Grimm Tales. My daughter, Aurora, enjoyed dressing up like Gretel.

Gretel Costume The Brother's Grimm Tales

Gretel is a little German girl in the Hansel and Gretel Fairytale.

Hansel and Gretel

A  weeks before I dressed my kids, I read them the fairytale from our Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales book. In the story, the two children spend a lot of time in the forest.

Hansel and Gretel wandering

So when we went out in our back wooded area, my kids had a great time wandering through it and acting like Hansel and Gretel.

Gretel walking in woods

Aurora just loved being in the woods.

Gretel wandering in woods

The fall colors were gorgeous.

Gretel in forest

Aurora’s Gretel costume was fairly easy to put together.

Gretel Halloween costume

She is wearing a 4T cotton/wool dress. Layered over the dress is a vest sewn together to a plaid skirt.

Gretel's bonnet

The vest has added buttons on the front and back for detail.

Gretel's vest

Next, I added an apron and a bonnet. My mom sewed these years ago for a pioneer trek re-enactment. I just borrowed them from her.

You can easily layer clothes together to create a German look. If you click some of the links below in the supply list, there are costumes that have some or all of these layers.

Some of the links are for pioneer costumes. The main thing that will give a Gretel costume more of a German vs. a pioneer look are the colors and fabrics you use. Browns, greens, tans, etc. are very German-esk. Gingham and plaid are also fitting. Wool, tweed, and heavy cotton work great tool.

Supply List

Drindl costume + bonnet + shoes


you can make one like I did in which case you will need

Brown Dress

Vest—custom sewed

Apron—custom sewed

Bonnet— custom sewed

Shoes—I used lace up ankle boots

Hansel and Gretel


Costume links:

Bonnet and dress costume + apron + shoes

Bonnet, dress, and apron costume 2 + shoes

Bonnet, dress, and apron costume 3 + shoes

Gretel from The Brother's Grimm Tales

Ultimately, this Gretel Costume didn’t cost any money. As stated, I borrowed the bonnet and apron from my mom. We had the shoes. The dress and vest combo were made awhile ago for another Halloween costume (here).

Hansel’s costume (here) was only $11.00. So Halloween for 2 for $11.00 was very inexpensive—just the way I like to do things.

I hope you enjoy putting together a Gretel costume if you choose to. Aurora and I had a great time with it.


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Gretel Costume The Brother's Grimm Tales

Hansel’s costume

Hansel's costume

Read the paraphrased fairytale here Hansel and Gretel Costumes Grimm's Fairytales


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Friday 2nd of November 2018

only $11? fantastic.

that is YOUR backyard??? wow. what a playground for the kids and a background for the photos.

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