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Halloween Entry Table

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Halloween Entry Table

We have a mirrored entry table directly across from our front door. It’s the first thing you see when you walk into the house.

I like to decorate it, our mantel, and a few other areas of our home for each holiday. This is how I decorated our Halloween entry table this year.

Halloween Entry Table

Reusing items I had on hand and purchasing a few more (see supply list below), I was able to make a fun little Halloween scene that my kids and I like.

Halloween Entry Table

Halloween Entry Table Supply List

2 skeletons (Target) $5.00 each.

spider web (I’ve had this for a few years. It originally came from Dollar Tree.) 

Halloween Entry Table

I used it on my witch-themed Halloween mantel

Halloween Mantel

plastic black cauldron (I bought this cauldron years ago for this Halloween frog-eyed salad. I also used it on my Halloween witch mantel and kids’ Halloween candy charcuterie board).

witch’s broom (I made it, description on this below)

witch’s hat ( I don’t remember when or where I bought this witch’s hat but I’ve had it a long time.)

Kids Halloween Charcuterie Board

Halloween burlap bunting (I made this last year)

gauze cloth (Dollar Tree Halloween Decor Beige Creepy Cloths, 30×72-in) $1.25

Halloween Entry Table

Branch’s candy corn and Branch’s pumpkins leftover from my Kids Halloween Charcuterie Board

Kids Halloween Charcuterie Board

Orange Halloween LED lights (Dollar Tree) $1.25

Halloween Entry Table

Haunted house canvas- (had) I purchased it from Elephant Stock when it was discounted to $10.00.

I got the ghost from Dollar Tree. $1.25

Halloween Entry Table

Pumpkins- I have had these two pumpkins for years. I bought them at a garage sale for .10 cents each.

Halloween Entry Table

How To Put Together this Halloween Entry Table

1- Lay down the gauze cloth.

2- Place a Halloween banner/bunting on the entry table. If you don’t have a banner/bunting then you can make one by following this tutorial.

3 -Place a cauldron with candy corn and pumpkins in it into the corner. I put a towel into the cauldron because I had leftover candy and it wouldn’t come close to filling the cauldron up. This way the candy sits on top of the cauldron and is easy to see and access.

4- Hang the ghost from a nail or a screw on the wall.

5- Stuff a witch’s hat with a tea towel so you can shape it and direct it in the way you’d like.

6- Set up a haunted house 3-piece canvas. I got this one from Elephant Stock a few years ago for about $10.00.

7- Set out the Halloween lights, pumpkins, skeletons, and anything else you desire on the entry table.

8- Make a witch’s broom by wrapping three cinnamon whisks around a strong stick.

cinnamon whisks

Then glue them with hot glue to secure them additionally. I found the cinnamon whisks at Dollar Tree. 3×1.25= $3.75

cinnamon whisks

9- Place a spider web higher up than some of the other decorations to give the whole entry table a little more overall height.

10- Stand back and rearrange as needed.

Halloween Entry Table

That’s it! I hope you have a fun time decorating a Halloween Entry Table as well! 

Happy Halloween!

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Halloween Entry Table


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