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Pumpkin Thanksgiving Tablescape

Pumpkin Thanksgiving Tablescape

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Pumpkin Thanksgiving Tablescape.

Although a few days late, I wanted to share the tablescape that I made for Thanksgiving this year.

It was a pumpkin theme tablescape and was very fun to put together.

Pumpkin Thanksgiving Tablescape

I mainly used supplies that I had on hand, some were purchased for it though…

Supply List for this Pumpkin Thanksgiving Tablescape.

2 runners (IKEA)

large brown pinecone pumpkin

wheat stalk wreath (DIY tutorial here)

Pumpkin Thanksgiving Tablescape

various pumpkins in various sizes

jute placemats

Pumpkin Thanksgiving Tablescape

white china

white napkins

mini pumpkins

Werther’s originals (caramel apple and caramel pumpkin spice)

Pumpkin Thanksgiving Tablescape

gold flatware Sam’s Club—Member’s Mark Premium Forged Matte Gold Stainless Steel 20 Pc Flatware Set


salt and pepper shakers (marble and wood)

Pumpkin Thanksgiving Tablescape

white ceramic turkey

Pumpkin Thanksgiving Tablescape

How to put together this Pumpkin Thanksgiving Tablescape.

While looking at the photos is probably self-explanatory to see how to put this tablescape together, I’ll explain what I did just in case anyone would like additional information.

Pumpkin Thanksgiving Tablescape

1- I put two linen table runners together and to camouflage the seam, I put this wheat stalk wreath that I made last year down on the runners and a brown natural-looking pinecone pumpkin on top.

Pumpkin Thanksgiving Tablescape

2- I set up various pumpkins that I had in my Thanksgiving decor bin on either side of the main pumpkin.

Pumpkin Thanksgiving Tablescape

I had a ceramic turkey in my Thanksgiving bin as well, so I added that to one of the pumpkin arrangements.

Pumpkin Thanksgiving Tablescape

I put salt and pepper shakers on either side of the centerpiece as well.


3- Then, I set the table with jute chargers, white china, white napkins, goblets, and gold flatware.

Pumpkin Thanksgiving Tablescape

Pumpkin Thanksgiving Tablescape

5- Finally I put some of Werther’s original chewy caramels on the plate with a small pumpkin for a little plate decor. This just added a bit of orange and gold to each place-setting to match the pumpkins in the centerpiece.

Plus, I find it fun to add a favor or something festive to each setting.
Pumpkin Thanksgiving Tablescape

That’s it. 

I normally state how much my tablescapes cost me to put together. I spent more on this one than I really want to admit to, but to keep with consistency, I’ll share…

The runners cost me $20.00 for two with a coupon at IKEA.

I’ve been wanting to find affordable jute placemats/chargers for over a year. The reason it has taken me so long to buy them is that I could not bring myself to buy them because they were always over $7.00 each and I knew I wanted to buy at least 12.

I purchased these jute chargers a few weeks ago when they went on clearance at Kohl’s.  With clearance, Kohl’s cash, and coupons, I purchased each one for $2.50.

I plan to use them for many more tablescapes however, they were used for the first time here so they cost me $30.00.

Everything else I used I had in my home. So total this tablescape cost $50.00.

Normally, I try to stick to spending less (under $25.00 for a tablescape when I host), but as mentioned, I plan to use these jute chargers many more times and felt they were worth it. 


Pumpkin Thanksgiving Tablescape

You can see in the photo above, that there looks to be a kids’ table next to this pumpkin table. There is. I love decorating kids’ tables. So, I decorated this one with A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving theme.

Peanuts Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Kids Tablescape

You can check out this Kids‘ Charlie Brown Thanksgiving tablescape if you’d like to here.

Pumpkin Thanksgiving Tablescape

We had a great Thanksgiving dinner and I hope you did too!

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Pumpkin Thanksgiving Tablescape



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