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A Must-Have Item for Parents of Babies. Our Story & Review of the Owlet Baby Monitor


My cousin, Kerby, and his wife, Aubree, have been so kind to share their personal experience using the innovative Owlet Baby Monitor with you. Welcome Aubree… Hi! Thanks for having me. First, I’ll describe what the Owlet Baby Monitor is/does and then I’ll share our story which can be found in the ‘Our Story’ section

9 Delicious and Quick Canned Chicken Recipes


I was organizing my canned food the other day and found that I have A LOT of canned chicken. I realized that I need to make more meals with it—especially since it is a convenient and inexpensive way to add protein to a meal. I get a lot of my canned chicken at grocery stores but its also

How You Can Enrich the Lives of Refugee Children in Greece


There are over 60 million refugees worldwide. Half are children! Those of us who can help should seek to make a difference in these kids’ lives whose circumstances are very traumatic and bleak. My younger sister, Mandi is a composer who lives in LA. She and a friend, Tiffany Hilliard went to Greece (paying their own

Homemade Concord Grape Juice


My mom has been an avid concord Grape grower for 30 or so years. She has many beautiful vines that produce a lot of grapes each fall. I guess playing classical music to them on occasion does work! And yes she really has tried that. Each October we pick the grapes and juice them. Then, throughout the

5 Tips to Help You Stay Digitally Connected Without Draining Your Budget


In the age of technology, electronics are a necessity. Devices like smart TV’s, computers, and music players and Bluetooth have become a part of everyday life. With new products coming out daily, keeping up with the latest trends can become an expensive habit. The truth is, you don’t have to go broke buying electronics. Take

The BEST Freezable Rolls Recipe


There are few things I enjoy eating more than bread, specifically fresh, homemade rolls still hot from the oven.  I have been making bread since I was 9 years old, when my Dad bribed me to take over the bread-making job by paying me a dollar for each loaf I made (might as well pay

Entrepreneurialism and the American Dream Showcased at Ignite Retreat + Weekend Getaway Giveaway


In the midst of my stressful home remodel, I got to have a weekend away with women who I greatly admire and respect. I attended Ignite Retreat. It was such a needed reprieve/event for me! I was so impressed with every single person I met the entire weekend. It was like the American Dream was on showcase for me to

German Plum Cake


When I lived in Germany, I often ate German Plum Cake known in German as Pflaumenkuchen or Zwetschenkuchen. I fell in love with the combination of a deliciously moist lemon tart topped with sweet plums baked to perfection. My co-worker received a German Plum Cake for her birthday and we gobbled it right up.  I also got

Free Financial Boot Camp for New Parents


Babies are the sweetest things, yet they are expensive! The average baby costs over $15,000.00 in their first year. Diapers, clothing, formula (if you formula feed), gear, food, supplies, etc. all add up. When I was at about 6 months pregnant with my first, I had to go from full-time to part-time work due to health

23 Must-Read Tips on Preparing Your Home for Its Sale


I was getting ready to sale my home. Life circumstances changed but I had it on the market ior four days and received 2 good and one excellent offer. So the following steps did work! I’ve taken multiple real estate courses. I’ve also been doing a lot of research and asking trusted experts for tips on preparing

How to Make Banana Pancakes out of Pancake Mix


Jack Johnson is a favorite musician of mine. He sings a song called “Banana Pancakes”. A verse of the song goes, “But, baby, you hardly even notice When I try to show you this Song is meant to keep you From doing what you’re supposed to. Waking up too early Maybe we can sleep in

My Back-to-School ‘Must-Have’ Item


As a stay-at-home mom who also works from home, I need to have reliable internet with fast speeds. My children also appreciate good internet for their TV/streaming time.  As a result, it really is a good possibility that all of us will often be connected to the internet at once. Thus, we really need a

How to Easily Up-Cycle an Old Trunk


Old trunks and vintage suitcases are favorites of mine. My grandma used to keep blankets and toys in vintage trunks for us.  They are so lovely and I can say even slightly nostalgic. I found this trunk at a garage sale ($20.00) but it needed some jazzing up. Unfortunately I don’t have the ‘before photo’,

How to Turn a Bread Recipe into a Muffin Recipe


In order to turn a bread recipe into a muffin recipe you will want to… Raise the temperature you bake the bread at. Typically you will raise it at least 25 degrees Fahrenheit. For example, my banana bread recipe bakes at 350 F so for muffins I bake them at 375 F. Most bread bakes at 350 F

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